Main Cast Of Bingo Blitz Commercial, Song Lyrics, Storyline, and More

Bingo Blitz commercial is telecast on TV and social platforms. Top singers and actresses are cast in them with some fabulous music. You will get to know their name and song lyrics here. Besides, I will also give you a text view of the commercials.

You will be astonished to know how many big stars were part of Bingo Blitz commercials. It will help you to find new entertainment on the Bingo Blitz gameplay. Slide down and get to know more about the gambling game commercials.   

Who does the Bingo Blitz commercial?

Bingo Blitz commercial stars are very few. In my count, there are four big stars in their commercial and most of them are singers. Not much drama in the ads but lots of music and dance for you. It tries to make you accept the world of Bingo Blitz. The commercial cast is pointed down below.  

  • Luis Fonsi (Puerto Rican singer)
  • Drew Barrymore (American Actress)
  • Nicole Scherzinger (American Singer-Songwriter)
  • Megan Trainor (American Singer-Songwriter)

Commercial Storyline

Bingo Blitz commercials have been performed by top singers and actresses. I am going to share here about three most popular Bingo Blitz ads storyline. Commercials are made for both mainstream media and social platforms. Check them out.

Main Cast Of Bingo Blitz Commercial, Song Lyrics, Storyline, and More

Luis Fonsi & Nicole Scherzinger Bingo Blitz Official Commercial

Bingo Blitz commercial Nicole Scherzinger comes together with Luis Fonsi. The song B-I-N-G-O plays in the background and singer Nicole comes out of the lift while. The is playing Bingo Blitz. Despacito singer Luis Fonsi adds Spanish to the song lyrics. It has lots of dance moves and Bingo falling from everywhere. You are invited by Luis to join Bingo Blitz for free.

Drew Barrymore  Commercial

The commercial takes over the storyline from Paris. Drew Barrymore was unaware that Bingo is Bingo everywhere. The American actress moves from one place to another and shows Bingo is Bingo everywhere. The title music tapped perfectly with the scenario. 

Megan Trainor Bingo Blitz TV Commercal

Bingo Blitz commercial Meghan Trainor wins a Bingo on the gameplay. She transforms into a Barbie doll and meets Blitzy. A virtual play of Bingo Blitz is going on all over the world. She invites you to join the game and discover the world.  

Commercial Songs Lyrics

Drew Barrymore, Nicole Scherzinger, and Megan Trainor are the  commercial actress. Luis Fonsi is the only  commercial actor. They have all taken part in the song and the lyrics of all three songs will be shared right here.

  • B-I-N-G-O (Luis Fonsi and Nicole Scherzinger)

B I N G O, She is Bingo
B I N G O, She is Bingo
Oh Oh, I just wanna go, tell her that I found my BI-BI-NGO
Looking for my Bing chica, I got just what she ‘necesita’
The one that makes me go
B I N G O, She is Bingo
B I N G O, She is Bingo

  • Bingo is Bingo Everywhere (Drew Barrymore)

You know you wanna make me show|
Everywhere is it’s Bingo
Ciao Antonio! Bingo
In the east, it’s Bingo
Let’s play now
Come on get that Bingo thrill
Let’s all together shout
Yaah Yaah Yaah
Bingo Blitz
Take a trip with Blitzy
Bingo Blitz
Get that Bingo
Bingo Blitz|
Let’s play now!

  • All About The Game (Meghan Trainor)

Because you know

I’m all about that game

‘bout that game

See when I’m on the phone

You better scram, shoo.

I’m ‘bout to play dat Bingo

Tryna win a game or two

I got my Blitz with me

To power up

So I line my daubs just perfect

From the bottom to the top

Yeah my heart is still racing

I’ve never felt such a rush

Must be the powerups

Double daubs, new friends

I love so much

The views keep on changing

So keep up ’cause I travel light

And if you wanna try

Grab a board

And enjoy the ride

Bingo Blitz Commercial Type

Bingo Blitz commercials are made for TV and social media platforms. Only one out of three is made for TV channels. The social media commercial was shared on Bingo Blitz TV on YouTube and other social platforms. Check more details underneath.

Main Cast Of Bingo Blitz Commercial, Song Lyrics, Storyline, and More

Bingo Blitz TV Commercial

The TV commercial is done by the popular Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi and American singer Nicole Scherzinger. Bingo Blitz commercial girl Nicole show great move in the commercial. Luis Fonsi handles the Spanish part of the song.

Social Media Bingo Blitz Commercial

You already heard about Bingo Blitz TV.  The Two Bingo Blitz TV YouTube channel commercials were played by Drew Barrymore and Megan Trainor. The same commercials are also seen on other social media accounts handled by the Bingo Blitz team.

Who are the couples in the Bingo Blitz commercial?

Bingo Blitz commercial paired together two popular singers Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Fonsi. The Puerto Rican singer is known mostly for his song ‘Despacito’. The American singer has songs like ‘Your Love’ and ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’ on her name.  

The couple on Bingo Blitz commercial raises the beat of the advertisement. They come together to promote the free Bingo game. The commercial was a success all over the world and widely accepted as one of the best commercials from the Bingo Blitz team.

Final Verdict

Bingo Blitz has paraded through success for the last couple of years. You can check the Bingo Blitz commercial on youtube which was played by top artists. You already know about the music and artists that are in the Bingo commercial.

If you have any personal views on the popular Bingo games commercial. Then share them right here. You can also reach us and ask for additional info. Keep coming back for more details related to Bingo Blitz shortly.    

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