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Essential aspects every Fortnite player should know about account tracker

It’s simple to lose track of how well you performed after a long day of struggling to dodge the storm. If only Fortnite numbers could be tracked in some way.

So, you’re in luck because you can gather all the data you require from your gameplay sessions using the Fortnite account tracker.

FPS Tracker, Fortnite Scout, Fortnite Stats, and Fortnite Tracker are the top websites to use to look at a player’s statistics in a battle royale.

Simply enter a player’s Epic ID or Fortnite username and click search. On the front page, the global leaderboard is typically visible.

You can quickly examine all of your Fortnite player metrics and the stats of your friends using the Fortnite tracker. Additionally, it has a Fortnite win counter so you can keep track of how many games you win.

Essential aspects every Fortnite player should know about account tracker

Some relevant information:

You’re not the only one who thinks Fortnite’s in-game stats are lacking. There was such a demand for more comprehensive profiles of people’s skills that some websites now provide this information without charge.

Some websites let users pay extra to get more numbers, but even as a supplemental service, they are far superior to Epic’s first-party options.

They all function in the same way; to find your profile in the database, simply choose your game system and input your Epic ID. Some of the top stat-tracking websites are listed below:

Fortnite Tracker:

This service offers a rating system of its own, providing customers with a concrete progression scheme. Although it isn’t ideal, it is unquestionably an improvement over the current Fortnite system.

Fortnite Stats:

While this one doesn’t have as many features as some of the others on the list, it still provides all of your essential stats and has a thorough leaderboard.

Viewing advanced stats, a leaderboard, and other players’ stats are possible with this app. Additionally, you can browse a map with the locations of hidden treasures and follow Fortnite news, daily, and featured products.

Fortnite Scout:

The graph that shows your kill-to-death ratio and average win rate over the last few months is the finest tool on Fortnite Scout. Without delving too far into all the other numbers, it’s a terrific method to immediately determine whether you’re improving.


Available on both iPhone and Android. Install the app, enter your Epic ID, then examine your stats to see how they stack up against your friends’ stats. The item store, battle royale map, battle pass challenges tracker and guides, weapon comparisons, advice, news, and more are also available.

Fortnite Skin Checker:

You can now instantly determine the V-Bucks value of the various Fortnite cosmetics in your locker on Fortnite. gg thanks to a brand-new function.

In the battle royale mode of Fortnite, players can either purchase or advance via the Battle Pass to unlock a variety of different cosmetic items. These have gained popularity through crossovers with series like Terminator, DC, and Predator.

If you’ve been playing Fortnite for a while, you probably have a sizable collection of skins, and figuring out their worth takes some effort. Fortunately, Fortnite. gg has developed a tool that streamlines this.

Fortnite Skin Checker:

Here’s all you need to do to check your locker to see how much V-Bucks you’ve spent:

  1. Visit Fortnite. GG.
  2. In the top-left corner, select the drop-down menu.
  3. Go to “My Locker.”
  4. 4.Log in using your Epic Games username.

Epic Games highly advises users to update their passwords and enable two-factor authentication to preserve their security and privacy, even though it’s handy to display your Fortnite locker.

Unfortunately, the Sign-In feature has been temporarily deleted from Fortnite. gg. They released a statement assuring gamers that their personal information hadn’t been compromised and promising to prioritize security in collaboration with Epic Games.

Fortnite Account Value:

It’s incredibly valuable if your Fortnite account contains uncommon skins. A few thousand cosmetic pieces for the well-known video game have been made available by Epic Games in the previous four and a half years.

The most common kind of cosmetic item is skin, and some of them are expensive! While skins occasionally appear in the Item Shop, some will never be used again, which is why they are so expensive.

There is a simple technique to determine the value of your Fortnite account if you’ve ever been curious. Please note that it is against the terms and conditions to buy or sell accounts.

Players can simply find out their accounts’ estimated value by going to Fortnite. gg website. Given how helpful it is for completing challenges, locating NPCs, and more if you play Fortnite, you have undoubtedly heard of this website before.

A section of the well-known website serves as a Fortnite cosmetic item calculator. All cosmetic goods in your Fortnite account are simply added up, and the worth in V-Bucks is displayed. The value of a player’s account can then be determined by converting their V-Bucks to the local currency.

Fortnite account calculator:

Use the instructions below to see how much your Fortnite account will be valued in 2022:

  1. Open the website Fortnite .gg
  2. Create a free account to have complete access to the website.
  3. From the Main Menu, select “Cosmetics.”
  4. Choose “My Wishlist” from the drop-down option.
  5. Create a Wishlist with all of your cosmetic purchases.

Please be aware that the calculator’s accuracy is not perfect. For instance, since Battle Pass skins were bought as a part of the bundle, it doesn’t increase their value. Since they won’t ever be added to the game again, these skins are very expensive.

Fortnite Level Checker:

Two separate values—the Season level, which is grown by gaining Season XP, and the Battle Pass tier, which rises by obtaining Battle Stars—are used to track a player’s progress.

The following characteristics apply to your season level, which represents your time spent playing throughout the current season: Season level is impacted by Season XP.

In Fortnite: Save the World, leveling is an aspect of the game’s gameplay. When a player raises their Homebase Power, a Hero advances in level.

This can be accomplished by applying Hero XP and earning XP by playing the game. When a player spends Survivor XP on a specific Survivor, that Survivor’s level rises.

How to check stats:

In Fortnite, statistics can be a useful tool for raising the performance of your team. Additionally, tracking your data is exciting and heightens your sense of competition.

  1. Register for the game.
  2. Navigate to the “Career” tab at the top of your screen from the main menu.
  3. Locate the “Profile” tab at the bottom of your screen by navigating there.
  4. You can view your victories, kills, top 10 and top 25 finishes, and the total number of matches you’ve played.

How does this tracker things work?

An unauthorized, for amusement purposes, new advancement and skill system created by Fortnite Tracker. Please be aware that this rating is still in beta, and we will keep tweaking and improving it.

Unofficially created by us, the TRN Rating only applies to players that visit our website. It functions by examining the games you play. For each mode (solo, duo, or squad) that you play, you have a TRN Rating.

It set your Rating at 1200 when you first visit Fortnite Tracker. The default beginning Rating is that. From 0 to 5000, with 5000 being the top players, is the range.

They examine your most recent game or matches when you update your stats on Fortnite Tracker (games). Also, modify your score based on how many kills you received and whether you placed, won, or lost.

How does this tracker things work?


Concluding Words:

Stats are an effective tool for analyzing both your own and your teammates’ performance in Fortnite. Knowing your advantages and disadvantages can help you pinpoint your areas for improvement so you can help your team win.

You may track the statistics of the players on the other team and determine which players to assault first to improve your chances of winning with the use of third-party software. Hopefully, this method has made it easier for you to record your Fortnite accomplishments.


What will happen if someone tries to trade an account?

The majority of us want to know how valuable our accounts are, but trading them is illegal and will get you banned. Players cannot purchase or sell other people’s accounts in Fortnite, and doing so will usually result in a ban.

Many con artists claim to be selling Fortnite accounts with uncommon skins, but their real goal is to con unsuspecting individuals.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t purchase it even if the vendor has a real account and is a reputable one. When you log in using a different device or in a different region, Epic Games will most likely ban your account and you will ultimately lose your money.

However, if you attempt to sell an account, Epic may be notified, and you may lose it forever.

How many levels are there in Fortnite?

The cap is level 200, as confirmed by the famous Fortnite data miner fire Monkey. After then, you won’t receive Battle Stars anymore and there won’t be any more unlockable content. This is distinct from Fortnite’s 100-level general-level cap.

What is PR in Fortnite?

The greatest players in Fortnite’s competitive scene are determined using Power Rankings, or PR for short.

Players receive a score based on their rankings and accomplishments in prior competitions, and the standings on Fortnite Tracker are refreshed every 24 hours. Thanks to Fortnite Tracker for the image.

How to find total kills in Fortnite?

From the main game menu, you may see how many times you’ve been killed overall. To view your kills, victories, and the total number of matches you have played.

Go to the “Career” menu, then the “Profile” tab. You must use third-party services, like Fortnite Scout, to determine your kill-to-death ratio.

Can you view any other player’s rank?

Sadly, there is no method to access other players’ battle royale statistics in the game. However, some independent websites and mobile applications let users access both the global battle royale leaderboard and player stats.

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