Fortnite Accounts for Sale: Rare Skins & Season 1 Stacked

Are you trying to buy Fortnite accounts that are on sale? Well, there are more than a hundred websites where you can find Fortnite accounts for sale. However, 99% of those sellers are scammers.

So, I will take you on a tour and guide you on buying the best Fortnite accounts without getting scammed. And OG skins like the black knight, omega, and renegade raider will be an extra advantage.

Buying an old Fortnite account is the easiest way to get all the rare skin and get a leveled-up account. If you are a lazy and unlucky player like me, you should buy an old account. However, it is extremely risky to buy used accounts from unknown sellers, as most of them are scammers.

First, let me tell you how you can get scammed, then I will show you how to avoid getting scammed.

How to Buy Fortnite Accounts for Sale and Not Get Scammed

#1. Accounts Not Verified with an Email

These are accounts where the owner of the account did not verify his account with his email address. So, when you buy an account like this, you become a shared owner of that account. With this, many issues start to arise.

  • The previous owner can connect to the account whenever he wants
  • You won’t be able to change the in-game name of the account
  • You won’t be able to play tournaments
  • You won’t be able to enable 2-step verification

I know you don’t want to buy into trouble with your hard-earned money.

Solution: Avoid accounts that haven’t been verified with the email address. Be clear about the email verification, and change the email password immediately.

#2. Accounts Without Full Access

The main problem with these accounts is they seem legit at first, then after a few days, the owner changes the password. And one morning, after you wake up, you’ll be surprised to see that you cannot log in to your account anymore.

This type of problem happens mostly on PS4. Be careful when you search for Fortnite accounts for sale on PS4.

This type of scam normally starts with conversations. The seller will give you details; you will log in and then complete the payment. Then after a few days, the seller reset the password, and so your account is gone.

Solution: Before paying the seller, be sure to change all the passwords and verifications. This way, you can avoid 99% of scammers.

What Should You Look for?

You should look for accounts that come with all the login details that will let you own the account completely. You will have the email verified and the password of the email. Furthermore, you will be able to change the associated email from epic games.

These are the type of accounts you should look for, and these are the types of sellers who are not scammers. The first thing to do is to get the email password and then connect the account with a new email. If you succeed at doing this, then congratulations, you have a safe account.

Moreover, when searching for Fortnite accounts for sale, remember to avoid greedy decisions. In most cases, these are the strategies scammers use. So, don’t go for eye-catchy presentations or cheap OG accounts with rare skins.

Instead, go for the accounts that have fair pricing. And if the account is titled “black knight Fortnite account for sale” or “renegade rider account for sale,” and still it’s cheaper than it should be, then that is a scammer.

Final Verdicts

A quick suggestion to you is, do not buy a used Fortnite account. It is against the terms and conditions of epic games. Epic Games will ban the player with an account that is meant to sell or has been sold to someone.

Even though most people get away with it. However, if you are looking for an OG Fortnite account for sale or a free Fortnite account, then you should look out on eBay and Instagram, or other verified websites.

Finally, be careful of the details; otherwise, getting scammed is a lot easier.

3 Ways to Buy a Fortnite Account Online

Now let’s see how to find Fortnite accounts for sale. There are numerous ways you can find and buy accounts from. Now, I will start talking about the ways.

  • #1 Buying it Upfront from a Dealer

You can buy accounts from someone who is selling them upfront. There are two probabilities after buying a Fortnite account. One is you buy it from someone you trust, like a friend or a relative, and have a successful deal. The second is the dude simply scams you, and you can’t do anything.

If you buy it from someone you know or trust, then this is a very good deal. You can check the account and pay if it satisfies you. This way your money won’t be wasted as there is little chance of someone scamming you.

So, like any other way, be careful and look out before you spend your money on a sale like this.

#2 Buying it From an Auction Site Online

Gamers mostly recommend buying accounts from online auctions. However, when buying from an auction site try to buy from a bigger auction site. As per common sense the more people involved in something, the better chance it has to be legitimate.

it is a good idea to buy from a site that does more than sell Fortnite accounts. Because this type of site holds some responsibility to its customers.

#3 Buying it From eBay

eBay is the most recommended site when it comes to buying a Fortnite account. Searching for a Fortnite account for sale PS4 or OG Fortnite account for sale on eBay will show you hundreds of results. You can choose from the results and look out for seller information to understand product originality.

If you buy from eBay, you don’t have to pay for a site or shopfront that is likely to steal your information. And both eBay and PayPal will give you some sort of legitimacy. a large customer base will also give you some sort of security.

But, if you’re scammed, and file a dispute, PayPal might not refund your money as it’s a digital asset.

They think of it like a digital file that, once it’s been sent, the delivery is confirmed. The issue here is that the seller can take their Fortnite account back later, and you’ll be missing your money and your new account.

So, whatever platform it is, you have to understand the risk and buy accordingly. And always keep your eyes peeled to judge if it’s a scam.

How to Understand If It is a Scam?

There are always tale-tell signs for scammers. They always use somewhat the same tactics to lure people into the scam. And most of the time we get too greedy and avoid the obvious red flags. If you simply use your common sense, then it is very less likely for anyone to scam you.

Here are some common tactics that scammers use:

Scammers will almost always post click baits. They will lure you in, giving the best accounts at the cheapest prices. You will see someone giving OG accounts for the cheapest price you have ever seen. Trust me that it is most likely a scam, no doubt about that.

They will also give you a fake sense of urgency by showing you high demand. They will most likely tell you that there are numerous people after this account. And also, those people are willing to pay more than you for the account.

The seller information will most likely be very weird. They will have names like VIRUSS99 or something like that and a meme to be their profile picture. Things like these are a major red flag for any deal to happen.

They will try to delay giving you full access to the account. They will give many generic excuses when you want full access. They will likely block you moments after you pay.

Scammers might ask you to click on ads that will give the account free VBucks. But in reality, they are trying to hack and steal your login credentials. Once they get that, they’ll take back the account, even steal from your credit card.

Now that you know these common tactics used by scammers, you can easily detect them. So next time, be careful when you search Fortnite accounts for sale.

Here are some common tactics that scammers use:


Now you know the basics of buying Fortnite accounts for sale without getting scammed. However, the information given in this article won’t protect you completely. Scammers will always find new ways to get around us.

So, you have to proceed with extra caution in each step of this process. Be sure before you make a move, take your time and always cross-check.

We tried our best to help you and if we make any mistakes please give us feedback. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an account normally cost?

It’s tough to precisely tell the cost of a Fortnite account. As the cost of the account will depend on many factors.

Buying from a professional site that’s relatively well-regarded, you’re going to pay a premium. Based on the age, what’s unlocked, and whether the account has access to the Save The World Mode. These are the factors that determine the price of an account.

An up-to-date account, featuring some relatively rare skins, is probably going to cost you at least $200. Accounts that have more skins, easily go as high as $500.

The price can go higher or lower. However, stay away from cheap accounts with premium features. They are mostly scammers.

What’s the benefit of buying a Fortnite account?

The majority of Fortnite accounts for sale feature fairly high-level and some premium skins. Expensive accounts will likely feature expensive skins that are impossible to find currently.

The character will likely have access to the Battle Pass for the current season. So that you can unlock unreleased rewards. And you will stay up to date with everything Epic released in the last content patch.

What is an OG Fortnite account?

The accounts featuring skins from the first few seasons are the OG accounts. Gamers looking to buy these skins from the first seasons and look for OG accounts. Some skins from this time are rare, making them even more attractive to fans.

Searching for an OG Fortnite account for sale will give you hundreds of accounts to buy from. These OG accounts tend to cost a little more. These types of accounts are mainly attractive to die-hard fans of Fortnite. The OG skins from the first few seasons are too hard to resist for them.

Can you buy Fortnite accounts for PS4?

Fortnite account for sale PS4 is a very common search among Fortnite gamers. Hundreds of people buy and sell Fortnite accounts on PS4 every day. It is really common among the Fortnite gaming community.

A large part of the Fortnite player community plays the game on PS4. So, it is common for them to trade PS4 Fortnite accounts.

Why do players buy Fortnite Accounts?

It is truly a good question, why would someone spend money to buy an account? Some players buy accounts because they simply cannot put in hours to grind out an item. Also, to access skins from the previous seasons that are not available anymore in the game.

Sometimes players also buy it to play with their friends in all regions. Also, players like to flex with OG and rare skins in the game. And some skins give you an extra advantage in the game.

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