Fortnite VR PS4: Optimizing The Best Performance

Fortnite VR PS4 experience goes well with their PSVR headset. It uses a cinematic rendering to make the VR effect visible. Fortnite VR performance can be optimized with the Pro PS4 version. If you already have the PS4 then you can follow the article for VR guidelines.

I will try to share with you the key differences between consoles when it comes to VR Fortnite. What are the odds and evens will also be discussed. Are VR PS4 consoles compatible with Fortnite? Let’s hover underneath and get to know more.    

Fortnite VR PS4 Game Compatibility

Fortnite is not developed to play on a PS4 VR. The graphics quality of the game is quite good and has a great map to play on. You will find the game very addictive and time will fly when you enter the game. But there is a way to play the Fortnite PS4 game on VR.

PS4 has a cinematic mode that can give you the ability to play the Fortnite game in VR. It will imitate a five-meter screen and give you a VR effect. You will need a VR-capable PC system and link them together to play the game.

The main points of the Fortnite VR PS4 game compatibility are pointed below:   

  • Switch to the Cinematic Mode on PS4
  • Get a VR-capable PC for Fortnite
  • Fortnite developers have not targeted VR gamers.

Fortnite VR PS4 Game Compatibility

Fortnite PS4 VS PS5

Fortnite can be played both on PS4 and PS5. You can enjoy smooth gameplay in both of them. But as you know PS5 is the latest console and has additional features in use. You will definitely see some improvement in the FPS, ping, and graphics quality.

The difference is not huge. If you want the best experience possible for your Fortnite game, you can go for the PS5 but otherwise, PS4 will do the work for you. Some of the key differences between Fortnite on PS4 and PS5 are tabled below.

Console Response Time Loading Time Graphics
PS5 Faster Faster Best
PS4 Slightly Slow Slightly Slow Semi     

You can join Fortnite PS4 VS PS5 Reddit groups and check out what people are sharing. It will allow you to learn about the best setting for Fortnite on different consoles. You will also get to know some unique differences between them.  

Fortnite PS4 VS PC

You can definitely play Fortnite on your PS4 console and PC. But the specification of your Personal Computer will also play a role in the quality of the gameplay. Fortnite VR PS4 effect is better with a high-resolution PC.

A mid-range player will not encounter much difference when it comes to PC VS PS4 Fortnite experience. The differences are so small and it is hard to even recognize them. Pro Fortnite players always prefer a PC game because of its raw computing power.  

Fortnite PS4 VS Switch

Fortnite PS4 VS Switch comparison can be based on many different factors. There are also many different Nintendo Switch out there. Which one are you using? If you are with the old Switch console then PS4 will always be the best option.

But the latest Nintendo Switch OLED has a bigger screen, better quality, and a control setup. Fortnite PS4 VS Nintendo Switch has targeted different audience bases. PS4 Fortnite is mostly for home use but Nintendo Switch can be your partner wherever you go.  

Fortnite PS4 VS Xbox One

Fortnite has a great visual for you to play on. The RTX reflection on Chapter 3 has taken a big jump on the visual quality of Fortnite. PS4 is the best when it comes to Fortnite. Xbox One only supports 900p resolution at 60 FPS.

PS4 is providing 1080p at 60 FPS. If you prefer the Xbox series over PlayStation then you should go with the Xbox One X. It will give you around 1800p at 60 FPS. Otherwise, go with the PS4 Fortnite gameplay or above.

Fortnite PS4 VS PS4 Pro

PS4 Pro is the updated version of the PS4. Fortnite VR PS4 experience is possible with the pro version. Besides, they will also give a better 1440p resolution at 60 fps. The higher resolution on board will definitely boost your gaming experience.

Games will look great with the 4K resolution. The hardware upgrade will definitely make the game smoother but you will also need to spend extra money here. Set your priority on what you need. I would always prefer quality over quality.

Fortnite PS4 VS PS4 Pro

Final Verdict

Fortnite VR PS4 experience is not something that I would say is great. You can enjoy the virtual effect and optimize the Fortnite gaming experience. PS4 Pro will be the best call for Fortnite VR gaming. Let us know which console are you looking to get next.

Also, don’t forget to share your daily gaming experience with us. You might get a special mention in our article. More comparison of different consoles is coming soon. Stay with us and stay updated with the latest gaming trend.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you play Fortnite in VR PS4?

You can play Fortnite in VR PS4 by switching to Cinematic Mode. It will allow you to adjust to the VR screen and play the game in the theatrical experience. You can upgrade to PS4 Pro or PS5 console for better VR quality.

Can you play VR games on PS4?

All PS4 games can be played using VR. The Cinematic rendering extends the screen by five meters and makes it VR-ready. An official statement from Sony has confirmed the compatibility of PS4 with VR devices.

Is the PSVR worth the money?

Home tech revolves around an ecosystem. It is hard to get out of the ecosystem once you get in. If you have already invested in PS4 or PS5, then you should definitely have a look at the PSVR unique VR headset. PSVR2 is also going to hit the market pretty soon.               

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