How to Delete Pokemon White Save Files?

Your Pokemon White save file may need to be deleted for one of two reasons. Maybe you finished the game and got everything you wanted from it, or maybe you just need to make room on your Nintendo DS SD card. Regardless of the motivation, wiping Pokemon White save data isn’t difficult, but it does need a few steps and some attention to detail. So that you can remove the Pokemon White save files whenever it’s convenient for you, let’s go over those methods immediately.

What exactly is a save file?

Everything you’ve done in a video game is stored in a folder called a “save file.” Video games can become unplayable due to corrupt saved data. Fortunately, there are numerous approaches to attempt in order to rectify them so that they can be afterwards eliminated. If your Pokemon White save files are corrupted or simply unusable, follow this tutorial to learn how to remove them!

What exactly is a save file?

How To Delete Your Pokemon White Save Data

There are two ways to delete your saved game file if you want to restart Pokemon White. Although the first technique is simple, utilizing an emulator is more effective. A hacking program like Pokegen or a Pokemon White save editor is used for this. You will require a PC, familiarity with.bat files, and documentation for spoken. Pokegen will be visible on one of the tabs of cheat engine when you launch it. Instead of hunting for a Pokemon that is already on your list, select Generate a new pokemon.

How do I remove a Pokemon file on DS?

Go to the Title Screen, then press Up on the Control Pad, SELECT, and the B Button all at once to delete your saved game. You can not get your saved data back once it has been removed. 

How do you delete Pokemon data on 3DS?

Follow this steps

  • Open the System Settings icon by tapping it from the HOME Menu.
  • press Data Management.
  • Switch  Nintendo 3DS.
  • Select Delete after choosing the data you want to remove.
  • Click on either Create Save-Data Backup and Delete Software or Delete Software and Save Data.
  • To confirm, tap Delete once more.

What happens if the Pokemon White 2 save file is deleted?

Your Pokemon Black 2 save file is unaffected when you erase Pokemon White 2 save files. Simply put, what you’re doing is wiping out crucial data that was recorded in your Pokemon White 2 game. In general, even after we erase files, they continue to exist on our computers. These stray pieces of information are what ruin our game files and lead to issues like how to erase pokemon white save. 

You’re not actually at risk of damaging your Pokemon Black/White 2 games if you continue playing after deleting from White2 if there are no problems with your Pokemon Black or White games following the deletion of your Pokemon White 2 save data.

Where can I find my stored Black and White Pokemon?

All Nintendo DS games are stored by default in C:/Users/Public/Documents. For security purposes, this should be replaced as soon as feasible. Open Windows Explorer and type C:/Users/Public/Documents to find a specific save file. After that, you can search these folders for your files. When eliminating these, use caution!

How do you start a new save on Pokemon White?

You must first register a new game account with your preferred name and password in order to begin a new save in Pokemon White. You can choose the “New Save” option under the “Saves” page after logging in.

How to restart a Pokemon save?

The steps below can be used to restart a Pokemon save:

  • Select “Reset Data” from the Options menu after opening the game.
  • Enter your name and email address in the “Reset Data” window and press “reset.”
  • Your Pokemon’s state will be restored to its initial condition.

How to restart a Pokemon game on 3DS?

Sadly, each Pokemon game card can only hold one save file. You must first clear your previously saved data if you want to begin a fresh save file. Press UP + B + X in the Main Menu to accomplish this. Before the data is permanently deleted, you will receive confirmation notices.

How to restart a Pokemon game on 3DS?

How to restart a Pokemon game on DS?

Please press the UP, SELECT, and B buttons at the same time. Once the title screen appears, press the buttons with your DS/3DS/2DS’s directional and action buttons. Just keep in mind to press them all at once, not one by one.

Which Pokemon White starter is the best?

There is no definite response because each participant will have different tastes. Gyarados may be preferred by some, Latios by others, and so forth. The best starter for any given athlete is ultimately determined by their personal opinion.

How do you get rid of an old game save file?

You must first delete the previous game’s save file in order to save on a fresh file. To achieve this, open the title screen and hit B, choose, and up at the same time. Thanks! If your address is included, you will receive an email once this question has been resolved. Save money before a difficult battle.

How can you delete game data on Pokemon Diamond?

Keep an eye out for the title screen to show up. Press “Up” on the directional pad, “B” on the button row, and “Select” at the same time. By selecting “Yes” and pressing the “A” button, all game data will be deleted.

According to the gaming console being used, there are many ways to restart or reset a Pokemon game, which is equivalent to deleting a Pokemon save. You have to remove the save file and all of your previous progress each time you start a new Pokemon game.

on Pokemon Diamond: Is it possible to save money 

What are the most effective methods for Pokemon Diamond money-saving? You must first remove the old game’s save file in order to save on a new one. To achieve this, open the title screen and hit B, choose, and up at the same time.

How to uninstall a Pokemon Pearl game from your computer?

Insert the “Pokemon Pearl” game card into the Nintendo DS and turn it on. Keep an eye out for the title screen to show up. Press the “B” button, “Select” button, and “Up” on the directional pad all at once. Choose “Yes” and press “A” to erase all game data.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Can you have multiple save files on Pokemon White?

It is true that Pokemon White allows for numerous save files.

Do you prefer Pokemon Black or White?

Although there isn’t a certain agreement on which game is better, many people believe that Black and White are both excellent games.

How do you erase a saved file In Pokémon Black and White?

This is due to the fact that you must delete your save file before beginning a new game. At the Title screen, press up, select, and B together to accomplish this.

Are shiny Pokemon uncommon?

Shiny Pokémon are uncommon variations of the species’ Pokémon that have unique coloring.

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