How to make Fortnite download faster?

Fortnite is a popular game and everyone wants to play it. But often we heard about the Fortnite slow download issue. If you are looking for a way to make Fortnite download faster then you are in the right place.

In this article, I will share what you should do to boost the download speed of Fortnite on different devices. Windows, Mac, Xbox One, and many others will be on the list. Let’s hover down directly to the main article. 

How to make Fortnite download faster on Windows 10 and Windows 11?

You can download Fortnite on Windows 10 and Windows 11 pretty quickly. The process I am going to share here will double the download speed of the game. Let’s check out the fastest Fortnite download process on Windows 10.

Step-1: End Epic Game Launcher

You Might have the Epic game launcher activated in the background. It is time to simply end the launcher before going forward with the download. Make sure to follow the first step properly otherwise the process might not work.

Step-2: Run A Command

Press Windows and R key at the same time. It will open a command bar. Type ‘%appdata%’ on the popped-up command bar. It will take you to a file and there you need to search for the local folder. Go back from the folder you are in and look for the ‘EpicGameLauncher’.

Step-3: Open the Engine 

Select the Epic Games Launcher folder and head for the ‘Save’ folder. After that, head for the ‘config’ and then the ‘windows’ folder. There you will find the Engine and open it on the notepad.

[HTTP] HttpTimeout=10







Paste the code on the Engine file and save it.

Step-4: Reopen The Epic Games Launcher

You have already done what you need to increase the download speed of Fortnite on Windows 11 and 10. Get back to the Epic Games Launcher and you will immediately see an improvement in download speed. The same process can be followed on almost all computers.     

How to make Fortnite download faster on Windows 10 and Windows 11?


How to make Fortnite download faster on mobile?

You can improve the download speed of Fortnite on mobile. You need to keep a few things in mind when you wish to make the game download quicker for you. The process is not only for Fortnite but for all the other games on Epic Games Launcher.

Check Internet Speed

Fortnite download can be slow for your internet connection. Test your internet download speed before you go for the download option. If you have any issues with your internet connection, call your internet service provider and ask for assistance. Before that, you can try to reboot your WiFi router.

DNS Setting Adjustment

You can head for the DNS option and do customization accordingly. I have found it very helpful to increase download speed from time to time. Search for the Network Setting and choose the manual DNS setting option. Add Google’s Public DNS and it might increase the download speed.

Primary DNS:

Secondary DNS:

Close Other Apps

Background running apps can eat up all the RAM power of your mobile device. Fortnite download might not have enough space to run smoothly. You need to clean the background apps on run and dedicate the device power to Fortnite download.    

How to make Fortnite download faster on mobile?

How to make Fortnite download on PS4 faster?

I will show you a proper guide on how to make Fortnite download faster. This section of the article is dedicated to the PS4 Fortnite fast download. Follow the best practices mentioned below and increase your game download speed in no time.

Avoid Multiple Downloads: You should never try to download more than one file at a time. Allow Fortnite to download alone and utilize the whole internet speed. It will definitely improve the download speed of Epic Games Fortnite.

Don’t Play: When you press for the download, you need to avoid all the other energy-hungry functions. Playing games and downloading a game at the same time is always a bad practice. You will neither have a good game nor a good download speed.

Resume The Download: Sometimes the Fortnite download can get stuck. You need to pause the download and resume it. Do it only when you see the game is stuck for a pretty long time. It might fix the slow download speed issue for you.

Update PS4: Look for an available update on PS4 system software. It will be easier if you allow automatic updates for your PS4 system. Always check for available updates on the PS4 ‘System Software Update’ setting.    

How to make Fortnite download on Epic Games faster?

Epic Games slow download is a common issue for the users. Download might get stuck in the same place again and again. Follow the guide underneath and make Fortnite download faster on Epic games.

Epic Games Status Check: Sometimes the problem can be the Epic Games server. If the server is on maintenance then there will be no way for you to download the game. Check the server status page and make sure it is live.

Use Wired Connection: Wired internet connection can transfer data faster than the wireless option. Large file download is always better with wired internet. If possible, shift to the wired option for Epic Games download.

Update the Network Drive:  If none of the above solutions work out for you. It is time for you to check the network driver update. Search for the network drive and update it with the latest one. It might solve the slow download speed problem for you.

Changing DNS Server: Press the windows key and R to open the Run dialog. Type ‘control’ and click the ‘ok’ button. Select the ‘Network and Internet category and go with the ‘Network and Sharing option. Press the connection you are running and check the properties. Scroll and find Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and check properties. The main DNS Server will be and the Alternative one will be Check the validated bar and press ‘ok’. I hope you already get the solution for a faster download.        


How to make Fortnite download on Mac faster?

A few ways to make Fortnite download faster on Mac will be shared here. Take your time and follow the best practice to increase the download speed. Besides, the same tricks are applicable to most other Apple devices.

Free Up Space: RAM space is essential when it comes to fast performance. Take action and end the other background applications. It will free up RAM space for Fortnite download and the process will be faster.

WiFi Range: WiFi can’t function in the same fashion throughout the range. You need to place the Mac device to the router as close as possible. It is always considered the best practice to increase the download speed of Fortnite.

High-Speed Internet: The download speed of Fortnite games depends on the internet speed. If you have a 5Mbps internet connection then it is going to take around 1.30 hours to download it. A 15 Mbps internet connection will download the game in less than 20 minutes.    

How to make Fortnite download on Mac faster?

How to make Fortnite download on iPhone 7 faster?

iOS devices are the true beast when it comes to faster downloads. But you need to know the right way to do it. Besides, you can also follow the same procedure for any other iOS device rather than only iPhone 7.

Boost the Memory

Download the app ‘Battery Saver. It will show you how much RAM is in use. You can also use the app to clean the RAM faster. Monitor the data and make sure you have enough RAM space for your Fortnite download.

Get Back To Default Setting

Some setting changes can make you suffer a lot when it comes to downloading speed. You can try to change the setting and look for the culprit. But it will be time-consuming and it is easier to go back to the default setting. After that, reboot the device and restart the download.

Stop Automatic Download

You might have apps that are still in download when you get to the internet connection. Turn off the automatic download setting for your iPhone 7 or others. Make sure Fortnite is the only app on the download bar.  

How to make Fortnite download on Xbox One faster?

You can increase your Fortnite download on Xbox One. Follow the steps shared down below and get rid of the slow download boredom.

  • Use Ethernet cable for Fortnite download.
  • Close other games from the background.
  • Make sure there is no network issue.
  • Restart your Xbox One and restart the download.
  • Pause and Resume the Fortnite Download. 

How to make Fortnite download faster on an HP laptop?

HP laptops are nothing different from any other devices. You can follow the same windows practice to get the top speed on Fortnite download. The HP laptop will also play a major role in the download speed of the Fortnite game.

Make sure you are using an HP laptop that is compatible with Fortnite. Otherwise, it will just be a waste of time. Clean the RAM and allow the Fortnite game to download on high-speed internet. Ethernet is always a better option for faster download on an HP laptop. 

Final Verdict

I hope you have the answer to your question on how to make Fortnite download faster. The download speed of all Epic Games is directly connected to internet speed and device RAM space. You should always have a faster and more stable internet connection alongside enough free RAM space.

Follow the guideline shared here and increase the Fortnite download speed in no time. We always try to provide you with the best info and we will keep doing it as long as you are with us. Thank you for being with us till the very last line.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why can’t I download Fortnite?

Fortnite needs a high-end device to run. Make sure you have the right device to download and play Fortnite. Besides, Fortnite often calls for a maintenance period. You will not be able to download the game at that period. Wait until the maintenance period is over.

Will DNS switching boost Fortnite download?

Fortnite download speed can be improved with DNS switching. You can set the Primary DNS to and the secondary DNS to Lots of users have shared positive feedback on Fortnite download and DNS switching practices.

Can I download Fortnite faster with wireless internet?

Yes, you can download Fortnite faster with wireless internet. A 15 Mbps wireless connection can download the game in less than 25 minutes. But it is better if you don’t do any other heavy tasks on the wired connection when downloading the Fortnite game.

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