How to Restart Pokemon Black 2: Unlock Secrets

The role-playing video games Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2 for the Nintendo DS were created by Game Freak in 2012 and released by The Pokémon Company and Nintendo. These video games, which are a part of the fifth generation of the Pokémon video game series, are direct sequels to Pokémon Black and Pokémon White, the series’ first two sequels. As the final first-party games on the system, they were initially released in Japan in June 2012 and then globally in October 2012

What is the fastest way to restart Pokemon Black 2?

Using keyboard shortcuts

The Nintendo Switch does not support soft resets for games. The quickest way to restart a game is to quit it from the Switch’s main menu and then relaunch it.

How to Delete Saved Games

How do you reset Pokemon Black/White after deleting your saved game? Nowhere do I find the choice. Because collecting Pokemon is such an important aspect of the game, the developers sought to make it impossible to remove your data on purpose.

Go to the game’s main screen and simultaneously press Up, Select, and B to complete the task. This will provide a menu with options that include the ability to remove your game. If you’re serious about erasing, be sure to take your time navigating these menus because all of the defaults will cancel the delete.

How to Delete Saved Games

Pokemon Black 2: How do I start a new save file?

By hitting and holding Up Select B on the Title screen, you can restart a game from scratch. This will erase your current save and allow you to make a new one. You will then be given the option to overwrite your existing Save.

How can you erase your data in Pokemon Black 2?

To accomplish this while the game’s main menu is open, press Up, Select, and B  at the same time. Select the option to remove the game from the menu that appears.

The best way to restart a Pokemon game?

Regrettably, only one save file can be stored on each game card for Pokemon games. The previous save file must be deleted before starting the new one. To complete this action at the Main Menu, press UP + B + X. You will receive confirmation alerts in the last moments before the data is completely deleted.

How to delete DS game data?

Accomplish these steps

  • Select System Settings from the HOME Menu.
  • Select Data Management, then Delete Save Data, as you scroll down.
  • Choose the video game whose save data you want to remove.
  • If it’s possible, choose the User whose to save data you want to remove or choose Delete All Save Data for this Application.

Pokemon Black 2: Is it a new game?

Pokémon Black Version 2 is an Action-RPG with a turn-based system for the Nintendo DS, DSi, and 3DS. It begins two years after Pokémon Black Version’s events and actually takes place in the same Unova area.

Pokemon Black 2: Is it a new game?

What Are The Differences Between Black 2 And White 2

Similar to all other dual editions of Pokemon games, there are certain variances between the two.

  • Between the two versions, Route 4 has a distinct layout.
  • Different maps depict the interior of Reversal Mountain.
  • Black 2 portrays Opelucid City as futuristic. It appears warmer in White 2.
  • Black City is in the east of Black 2. In the same region, White 2 has White Forest.
  • When Black 2 has completed the Pokemon League, Challenge Mode will be accessible. After the Pokemon League, White 2’s Easy Mode will be accessible.

Is Pokemon Black And White 2 Better Than the Original

Although there are sufficient differences between the two to merit playing both, you won’t significantly miss anything if you just move on to White/Black 2. While Unova is basically the same as it was in the earlier games, there are a few differences: There are accessible new places.

How to Save Black and White 2

Once again, if you want to preserve your save file, your brother will need to purchase a copy of Black 2 for himself if he wants his own save file.

  • Begin the game as usual. When you get to this screen, follow the game’s instructions and concurrently press Up Select.
  • Verify that you really do wish to remove the file.


How to restart a Game?

You can force a program to close and then relaunch it to restart a game.

Which starter  is the best in Black 2?

Oshawott is the finest option just in terms of the font. It performs better than other gyms in comparison. 

How to restart a Pokemon DS game?

Press the UP, SELECT, and B buttons at the same time. Once the title screen appears, press the buttons with your DS/3DS/2DS’s directional and action buttons. Just keep in mind to press each button simultaneously.

How to restart a Pokémon game on Switch?

Press and hold the START, SELECT, L, and R buttons for one second while playing a game. Without saving, the game will restart on the same screen.

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