How to link & unlink nintendo switch fortnite account ps4

Fortnite players love one thing; want to know what it is? Well, if you are a Fortnite player, you would be glad to know that you can play the same Fortnite account on your PC, Xbox, ps4.

The most interesting part is you can play on one platform, and the game will sync with other platforms. This means your game progress will be the same on all platforms.

Now the most interesting question is, can you play Fortnite on n your Nintendo switch? The answer is yes, you can have a Nintendo switch Fortnite account.

However, I will tell you some interesting facts you should know as a Nintendo switch Fortnite player.

1. Sync Game Progress

Fortnite game progress syncs on Nintendo switch like all other platforms. So, you can play on your PC and reach a certain level, gather some new friends, achieve a new quest and then play on your Nintendo switch the next day.

You will find that your progress has matched your PC. It will match with PS4, Xbox, and other platforms too. The only thing that won’t match with other platforms is your V-bucks. Epic games offer cross-play for all platforms, but they do not offer cross-V-bucks.

2. Download from Nintendo shop

This is if you are wondering how to download Fortnite on your Nintendo switch. The easiest way to download Fortnite on your Nintendo Switch is to download it from the Nintendo e-shop.

You just have to log in to the Nintendo e-shop and search Fortnite, download, and sign in with your epic games account. Then you are ready to play.

Another way is to buy physical copies of the games, where you will get some extra in-game things. The physical copy is paid because it has some in-game extras, which cost, and the digital copy is free.

3. Better Resolution on Nintendo Switch

Good news to the players that have a Nintendo Switch Fortnite account. Epic Games is developing the game every day, and finally, they came up with an upgrade in the resolution sector.

Previously players would get 1000*560 pixels; now, they will get 1170*780 pixels which is a 38% upgrade according to epic games. Now the in-game experience will feel much smoother.

However, you will have to wait for the Nintendo switch pro if you want to play at 4k. Besides, epic games have reduced the size of the game a little bit. Previously the game was 11.2 GB; now, it is 140Mb less.

4. Two Accounts at One Nintendo Switch

You will be surprised to know that you can continue two Fortnite accounts simultaneously on the same device. Imagine you have one Nintendo switch Fortnite account on your Nintendo. Now, you want to add two more accounts to your Nintendo.

You can have two or more accounts. You will have to log out of your existing account, create a new Nintendo profile, download Fortnite on a new profile, and add a new epic games account on the new account.

You can easily log out from one account and log in to another account. However, it is a hassle for many players to continue two or more accounts on the same device. It takes up a lot of space, and this game is time-consuming.

5. Become a Master in Less Time

This is beneficial for the new Fortnite players that are joining the game. A few years back, epic games used to introduce new items now and then. Players had to learn and familiarize themselves with those new weapons.

Now epic games are not updating the in-game weapons or anything that influence the game heavily. So, it is easier for new players to master the game as all the tools are at hand. And no new big changes are coming.

Team cross-play between platforms 

If you are a Nintendo Switch Fortnite player then there is good news for you. Epic Games has offered cross-play between platforms for Fortnite. So, from now on even if you are a Nintendo Switch Fortnite player you can play with PS4 players and PC players. 

All you need to do is invite a PC player or a PS4 player from your social friend list. And you can play a match teaming up with them.

Some players might think of it as an advantage, some might think the opposite. It’s because the PS4 players can play with their consoles, so their movement is better. PC players get better resolution and control of the game. So, it might be a little bit disadvantageous for you. But you also can play with your PC Fortnite player friends.

Team cross-play between platforms 

Portability of the game

As a Nintendo player, this is the best advantage you can get over PC or PS4 players. A PC or PS4 player cannot play wherever he wants. But a Nintendo switch player can take his device with him and with a proper internet connection he can play wherever he wants. 

Nintendo Fortnite players can give more time to the game compared to PC gamers. This takes them on a different level sooner than others. You can just walk around your house while playing Fortnite on your Nintendo.

Better aiming with gyroscope

You probably know that Fortnite is a battle royal game where there are guns and flights. In the game when you shoot with your gun because of the gun’s recoil the gun moves Upward by a little bit. When shooting at a stretch it’s tough to keep the aim straight to the head.

With the gyroscope, you can just move your Nintendo to the downside and help adjust your recoil. This helps a lot, and I know a lot of pro players who use this to get better at aiming.

Gyroscope offers motion sensor movement in the game. You can direct your way with the motion sensor, this gives you better speed at movement. 

Feel the game

While playing on PC or PS4 you can hear the sounds of guns and bombs which gives a good feeling to the game. But there’s more to it. In Nintendo switch while there’s a gunshot or bomb blast the device vibrates, which takes it to another level.

So, you are getting sounds, vision, and vibrations in the same makes your gaming experience far superior. If you’re a general player like me, who won’t participate in major competitive tournaments and doesn’t bother that much about the small screen then you should play Fortnite on your Nintendo switch.

 Now that you know all the benefits of playing Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch Let’s talk a little bit about the disadvantages.

Hard to stream or record 

On a Nintendo Switch, it is easier to play and get better faster than on other platform players. But if you want to record your gameplay you will have to spend an extra $160 to buy a card. 

You can record your gameplay with that card or put your phone directly over the Nintendo which is pretty hard to do. On the other hand, mobile gamers can easily screen record their gameplay, and PC players can do the same.

So, if you are a YouTuber or you want to start a Channel with Fortnite on Nintendo you will have to buy a steam card or put your phone over the Nintendo directly.

Team cross-play between platforms 

Smaller Nintendo Fortnite community 

Fortnite is a popular game, especially on phones and PCs. More players are playing Fortnite on their mobile phones. And fewer players playing on Nintendo switch.

As there are fewer Nintendo Switch players, the community will be smaller.

A smaller community is not much of a problem. When you will want to buy or sell anything from a third party then you’ll Have to search a little harder for it.

Less frame per second

Once you start to play Fortnite on your Nintendo switch you start to feel slower. You may be wondering what happened to your gameplay. Fortnite runs at 30fps on Nintendo Switch while it runs on 60 fps on PC and phones.

As the game has a lower frame rate players find it hard at the initial stage to cope with it. Especially for people who have never played on the Nintendo switch.

Smaller Nintendo Fortnite community 

Final Words

There are some advantages and disadvantages for the player that has Nintendo switch Fortnite account. If you are one of them, it is better to know these 5 facts as these will help you with any questions.

Wait, there’s more, Now that you know the basic things about Fortnite on Nintendo switch let’s talk about the in-game advantages. As a Nintendo Switch Fortnite player, you’ll need to be aware of the updates of the game. Besides, there are some benefits to being a Nintendo Switch Fortnite player. Let’s dive deep into some. 


Do I need WIFI to play Fortnite on the Nintendo switch?

Yes, you do need a wireless internet connection to play Fortnite. Fortnite is a multiplayer battle royal game, and to play with other players, you will need to connect to an internet network.

Is online membership required to play Fortnite on Nintendo switch?

No, you do not need to have Nintendo online membership to play fortnite. You just need to have an epic games account, download Fortnite, then connect to your account and start playing.

Is creative mode available on Nintendo switch?

Yes, the creative mode is available for all players on the Nintendo switch.

When will 60fps be available for Nintendo switch?

Currently, Nintendo switch supports Fortnite at only 30 fps. However, the next version of the Nintendo Switch is rumored to support 60 fps gameplay.

Can I be a YouTuber with Nintendo switch?

Yes, you can be, but it is a bit more difficult for Nintendo users to record their gameplay. However, if you still want to record your gameplay you can buy a capture card for an extra $160 which will help you record your gameplay on the Nintendo switch.

Are there any extra benefits for Nintendo switch Fortnite account holders?

Actually, there are some exclusive rare skins that are available on the Nintendo switch. Nintendo Fortnite players will get exclusive skins that other platform players cannot have.

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