Pokémon Celebrations Card List – Everything We Know

Celebrations are the 25th-anniversary collection for the Pokémon Trading Card Game. New cards, reprints from earlier sets, and even returning mechanics for more recent Pokémon are all included throughout a wide range of products. 

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Pokémon, Nintendo has released special cards that commemorate some of the franchise’s most memorable events, including the debut of Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire.

What is a Pokémon Celebration Card?

The Pokémon Trading Card Game has a whole new special expansion called Pokémon Celebrations. The expansion set will include several new cards alongside some thrilling reprints of fan favorites. Even though Pokémon Celebrations is geared more toward collectors than players, it will nevertheless excite any Pokémon lover.

What type of card is included in a Pokémon Celebration Card?

In honor of Pokémon’s 25th anniversary, the company has released the Celebrations expansion. The set contains all the cards in the Classic Collection as well as the Sword & Shield main set. The Classic Collection includes cards from the Genesis and Generation I series, as well as cards from the Diamond and Pearl series, the Black & White series, and the X & Y series. As with the Classic Collection, the Sword & Shield main set includes cards from the Generation I series as well.

What type of card is included in a Pokémon Celebration Card?

How many cards are in Pokémon celebrations?

Pokémon fans were excited to see the 25th Anniversary of the brand-new series, Celebrations. The series is split into the main set and a sub-set, with the sub-set containing reprints. The reprints include some of the most popular cards from the base set. The main set comes with four booster packs. There are 50 cards in total. 25 of the cards are brand new to Celebrations.

The first set of these cards was called “Celebrations,” and it features 25 different cards. There were so many cards in this set that they couldn’t fit them all in one box. Some of these cards include the original printings of the most iconic cards in the game. These cards are very rare. So far, only about 10,000 have been printed in the set. However, there is a new version of this set that includes 25 cards. That means that this set is larger than the original one.

The new cards are the same cards from the base set, only printed in celebration colors. They come in sets of four cards, with each set containing a different card from the new series.

How to buy Pokémon Celebration Cards?

You’ll be able to purchase Pokémon Celebrations from the same stores, both physical and virtual, that sell Pokémon trading cards. This includes both in-person and online retailers.

The most reliable way to guarantee a purchase is to place an advance order for Pokémon Celebrations products through a specialty or hobby store, like Level One Game Shop. Big-box retailers and online boutiques frequently engage in fierce competition for Pokémon stuff because of their first-come, first-serve policies. However, astute buyers can escape the bother by placing pre-orders for the items they want in advance. Level One Game Shop has not yet made these sets available for preorder since it is difficult to estimate the number of copies that will be purchased of each set.

Pokémon 25th anniversary set card list

  1. Ho-oh (S8a)
  2. Reshiram (S8a)
  3. Kyogre (S8a)
  4. Palkia (S8a)
  5. Pikachu (S8a)
  6. Flying Pikachu V (S8a)
  7. Flying Pikachu VMAX (S8a)
  8. Surfing Pikachu V (S8a)
  9. Surfing Pikachu VMAX (S8a)
  10. Zekrom (S8a)
  11. Mew (S8a)
  12. Xerneas (S8a)
  13. Cosmog (S8a)
  14. Cosmoem (S8a)
  15. Lunala (S8a)
  16. Zacian V (S8a)
  17. Groudon (S8a)
  18. Zamazenta V (S8a)
  19. Yveltal (S8a)
  20. Dialga (S8a)
  21. Solgaleo (S8a)
  22. Lugia (S8a)
  23. Professor’s Research {Professor Oak} (S8a)
  24. FA Professor’s Research {Professor Oak} (S8a)
  25. GOLD Mew (S8a)
  1. Venusaur (Base Set)
  2. Charizard (Base Set)
  3. Gardevoir ex δ (EX Dragon Frontiers)
  4. Reshiram (Black & White Base Set)
  5. Blastoise (Base Set)
  6. Shining Magikarp (Neo Revelation)
  7. Dark Gyarados (Rocket)
  8. _____’s Pikachu (Wizards Black Star Promos)
  9. Rocket’s Zapdos (Gym Challenge)
  10. Luxray GL LV.X (Platinum—Rising Rivals)
  11. Zekrom (Black & White)
  12. Mewtwo-EX (Black & White—Next Destinies)
  13. Mew ex (EX Legend Maker)
  14. Tapu Lele-GX (Sun & Moon—Guardians Rising)
  15. Donphan (HeartGold & SoulSilver)
  16. Claydol (Diamond & Pearl—Great Encounters)
  17. Team Magma’s Groudon (EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua)
  18. Umbreon (POP Series 5)
  19. Xerneas-EX (XY Base Set)
  20. Cleffa (Neo Genesis)
  21. M Rayquaza-EX (XY—Roaring Skies)
  22. Garchomp C LV.X (Platinum—Supreme Victors)
  23. Here Comes Team Rocket (Rocket)
  24. Imposter Professor Oak (Base Set)
  25. Rocket’s Admin. (EX Team Rocket Returns)


Top 10 Most Valuable Pokémon Celebration Cards

To come to this conclusion, we are taking a look at the Market Price listed on TCGPlayer for both the brand-new cards included in Celebrations as well as the reprints found in the Celebrations Classic Collection. Because the set has just begun to make its way into circulation, there is a good chance that some details will shift slightly over the next few weeks as more card supplies become available. However, for the time being, here is a list of the top 10 cards in terms of their value in Pokémon Celebrations.

10. Mew Ex $4.20

This Mew-ex is a reprint of the Mew-ex card that was included in Legend Maker. That Mew-ex card was the first Mew card to have the ability to utilize the attacks of other Pokémon that were currently in play. Later on, cards such as Mew-EX and Mewtwo & MewGX featured abilities that were variants of that ability.

The first edition of this card was published in Legend Maker in 2006, and the current price of the card on the market is USD 46.12. 

9. Mewtwo EX – $8.14

 This card is included in this set because it is one of the first EX Pokémon cards, making it an interesting historical artifact to demonstrate the introduction of EX as a variant. Black and white Next Destinies was the first publication to feature Mewtwo EX.

The alternate full image Mewtwo EX, which uses a unique etched foil printing process that makes it seem extremely different from previous cards, would have been amazing to see in Celebrations.

Mewtwo EX, despite a dip of a few dollars on launch day, ended up selling for more than twice as much as it had before. Because of the obvious parallel, this must have been very perplexing for vendors.

9. Mewtwo EX - $8.14

  1. 8. ______’s Pikachu $ 6.21

In 2000, they published the first version of the “Birthday Pikachu” card as a mail-away promotional item. They reprinted it almost immediately as a non-foil card in the Pikachu World Collection that same year, and it wasn’t reprinted again until this version, which is included in the Celebrations: Classic Collection!

This reprint of the $200 WotC promo had a market price of approximately $18 when it went into release weekend, and it has already finished the weekend in a place that is somewhat similar to where it began. Everyone has a soft spot for Pikachu, but there are plenty of opportunities to employ the yellow mouse in Celebrations, which is why the price of this card has been held steady.

7. Gardevoir ex Delta Species – $10.06

The Dragon Frontiers EX collection released the first Delta Species Gardevoir-ex card in 2006, which marked the final EX set to feature Delta Species Pokémon. The Celebrations set, created to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Pokémon franchise, included a reprint of this card.

EX Ruby & Sapphire was the first third-generation TCG expansion to introduce the EX version of the Trading Card Game, which replaced the previous ex version.

It’s a cool card that provides some context for two time periods that ran concurrently in the history of the TCG. 

6. M Rayquaza EX – $14.43

There is no getting around the fact that M EX cards are awesome. They are an addition of the EX-mechanic that was implemented in X and Y to reflect the notion of Mega Evolution that is present in both games. They displayed Mega-evolved Pokemon such as Rayquaza, Swampert, and Lucario, among others.

Similar to how Mewtwo EX spent the weekend rocketing beyond its presale price, M Rayquaza EX spent the weekend rocketing past the price of its original printing as well. This card makes its significance known to collectors who entered the hobby during the epidemic or returned to it after an absence or interruption.

It is a pretty stunning design that is an uncommon break from Pokémon’s typical formatting, and it is most definitely something that ought to be brought back.

5. Blastoise – $6.28

When Celebrations was initially introduced, there was speculation that Blastoise would rapidly increase in price. Since it was first introduced to the market, Blastoise has had a precipitous decline, sliding from fourth to tenth place and experiencing a price reduction of over $90.

After the announcement that the Celebrations expansion would feature reprints of cards from the base set, people anticipated that those cards would be the most valuable to obtain. Despite being part of a reprint collection like this one or XY Evolutions, there is still a significant demand for base set cards. However, it is surprising that Blastoise is not ranked higher.

 Blastoise had a precipitous decline and presently exhibits no indications of making a comeback. The Blastoise card from the Shadowless Base Set can have a value of up to $400 or more, depending on its condition; however, the most recent reprint of this card is only worth 5% of the original card’s value.

4. Shining Magikarp – $18.23

The game included Shining Magikarp as one of the first Shining cards. The Pokémon trading card game’s Neo Revelation set was the only release in the United States where the Magikarp was printed, as a hidden rare. Although the reprint isn’t as expensive as the original, it still has a higher value than any Pikachu, Venusaur, or Blastoise card in the Celebrations set. The original print has a value of well over $100 when it is in nearly perfect condition.

3. Umbreon Star – $22.33

An Umbreon Star card was first released in the promotional POP Series 5 set in 2007, which was sold only through the Pokémon Organized Play System. In honor of Pokémon’s 25th anniversary, a new printing of the original manga contains the same glossy Umbreon art as the original.

The Pokémon Trading Card Game, the original Umbreon Star is worth well over $1,000. In the United States, it was only available in prize bundles for Pokémon Organized Play tournaments.

Since their introduction in Team Rocket Returns, Star Pokemon have been the rarest of the rare in the sets they were included in. Similarly, to Shining Pokemon, they featured the Shiny variations of Pokemon, but with a snazzier twist: the artwork burst out of the card’s border and onto the card itself.

3. Umbreon Star - $22.33

2. Mew (Secret Rare) – $46.93

The only card not from the Classic Set on this list is Mew.

Even though it has dropped in value from its high of $72.88, it has held up very well in comparison to other cards. The main Celebrations set has a card that’s more expensive than any other, the shiny Mew as a gold secret rare, priced at over $2. It can be used in the current Pokemon Standard game, as shown by the E symbol in the bottom left. The fact that Celebrations can be used in games isn’t what makes it so valuable, but it’s still a great collector’s item. Collectors may prefer to receive a brand new card rather than a reprint with a murky backstory. The high cost of a Mew confirms this suspicion.

1. Charizard – $78.81

Naturally, the most valuable card in Celebrations is based on the game’s top-tier card. Many attribute the game’s explosive growth in popularity over the past year to Charizard from the base set, which has fetched hundreds of thousands of dollars in auctions.

Amid the chaos of this weekend, the Base Set Charizard reprint from Celebrations calmly descended from Mount Moon to claim its rightful place as the most valued card in the set.

This wasn’t even close to being a contest. The value of Charizard fell below $100 on Friday, but it has since recovered to become more than twice as valuable as the second-best card. Some aspects of the Pokémon TCG have remained constant since its inception in 1996. There has been a significant decline in the value of Celebrations after its release, as evidenced by the loss of almost $200 from Charizard’s price since the expansion’s release. Regardless, the card remains fantastic, and its value may potentially rise once Celebrations goes out of production. If you’ve been waiting, now is an opportune time to get one.


It’s a big collection of cards that are designed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Pokémon. The cards in this set are different from all the others. They are called Pokémon Celebration. These cards look very nice. They are designed to look like the old trading cards that were used when the original Pokémon games were first released.

Pokémon Celebrations is a serious and thoughtful collection that properly appreciates the Pokemon Trading Card Game and its history. The Pokémon Company could have capitalized on the P25 excitement by producing a showy set that had awful pull rates, but instead, they created Celebrations. 

With a wide variety of holographic legendaries, reprints, and plenty of Pikachu, it does an excellent job of appealing to both longtime fans and newcomers to the Pokémon card game. This expansion seems more like the actual Pokémon 25th anniversary celebration than any music video or merchandise produced throughout the entirety of 2021, and it’s a fantastic reminder of how amazing it is to be a Pokémon fan.


  • How do you keep track of your Pokemon Trading Card Game cards?

Using the Pokémon TCG Card Dex app, you can easily keep track of your Pokémon Trading Card Game collection. This software, which is free to download for iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad as well as Android smartphones, enables users to browse card sets.

  • Which Pokemon card is included in the “Pokemon Classic Collection,” and why is this collection so important?

The Pokemon Celebrations set contains a special subset known as the Classic Collection. This subset features holofoil reprints of important cards from the entire history of the Pokemon Trading Card Game. The set won’t reintroduce any of these cards to the Standard format. As pokemon.com explains, “The Celebrations expansion includes.

  • Are the Pokémon cards given out at celebrations worth anything?

The market price of the Celebrations card is currently less than a tenth of what it was for the original card, indicating that it has badly underperformed in comparison to its predecessor. In the meantime, the is currently valued at a greater amount than the initial printing.

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