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SSPokémon Unite tier listWith the help of our Pokémon Unite tier lists, you can choose an All-Rounder, Attacker, Defender, Speedster, or Supporter Pokémon.

Since Pokémon Unite is a tactical team battle game, you must make sure that your selection will support your teammates. To ensure that you can always adjust, it’s a good idea to try a range of playstyles.

You can discover our subjective Pokémon Unite tier list and information on how to unlock Pokémon in the sections below. 

Explained the Pokémon Unite tier list

The five types of Pokémon in Pokémon Unite are All-Rounder, Attacker, Defender, Speedster, and Supporter. Even yet, there are still a few Pokémon who stand out from the crowd. Based on our experience with the game, these are the top Pokémon for Pokémon Unite, as well as a list of their categories:

Tsareena – All Rounder
Attacker- Pikachu
defender -Snorlax
Speedster – Absol
Hoopa – Supporter

Tier lists for each Pokémon category are provided below. Keep in mind that these are just personal tastes, so you might have different ones. They also include more details about the specific Pokémon.

Explained the Pokémon Unite tier list

The best pokemon unite tier list

S Tier Pokemon
A Tier Pokemon
B Tier Pokemon
C Tier Pokemon

S Tier Pokemon

Choice Specs: A reliable SP. Atk item called Choice Specs may deal the same amount of damage as Wise Glasses. Even though you have to wear three glasses at once. It complements SP Attack Specs and Wise Glasses because the bonus damage it grants scales off your SP Atk stat.

Focus Band: The Focus Band is a fantastic tool to increase general survivability. When your HP becomes too low. This item will give you a burst of health regeneration along with Defense and Special Defense. Extremely good at maximizing its crucial HP regeneration effect on All-Rounders and Defenders who can’t be easily burst down.

Muscle Band: Attack and Attack Speed are strong qualities of the Muscle Band. It is also incredibly effective against tanky opponents like Defenders because it gives wearers additional attack increases based on the target’s current HP. Since the majority of top-tier Pokemon deal Physical Damage, this is excellent for the current metagame.

scope lens: The scope lens is The only item that provides both critical rate and damage. For the majority of Attackers, Speedsters, and All-Rounders, this is a fantastic item. If the right moveset is applied, even Defenders like Crustle and Snorlax profit from this Held Item.

Weakness Policy: The default item for All-Rounders or generally Physical and Melee Pokemon is Weakness Policy. Weakness Policy has earned its position in the present meta and will do so in the future. Because the meta leans on the shoulders of All-Rounders and the inclusion of new All-Rounders.

Wise Glasses: For Special Attack-type Pokemon like Gengar and Gardevoir. Wise Glasses is a simple yet useful item that increases Special Damage.

A Tier Pokemon

Assault Vest With the aid of the Assault Vest, you can fend off strikes from Special Attack-type Pokemon like Gengar and Alolan Ninetales. This item also provides a barrier that cancels out a set amount of Special Damage in addition to giving wearers Sp. Def and HP!

Attack Weight For physical damage dealers like Machamp and Cinderace, Attack Weight is a held item that boosts your Attack Damage every time you score a goal. Similar to Sp. Atk. Specs, the wearer’s ability to score goals determines how successful this gear will be.

Buddy Barrier: Buddy Barrier is a protective Held Item that, whenever its user executes their Unite Move, offers a low-HP ally a lot of shields. Its impact is so great that having a second fighting item feels natural. This is an especially potent pickup for Pokemon who use their Unite Moves to enter a battle at the front lines. In order to prolong their lives and support their other comrades.

Razor Claw: Strong Attack and Critical Hit Rate are provided by Razor Claw. It’s a particularly helpful item for Pokemon like Cinderace who can chain low cooldown skills. Standard attacks together because it gives you a damage bonus to your subsequent standard attack if you used a move earlier.

B Tier Pokemon

Energy Amplifier: Energy Amplifier is a good item for increasing damage when used properly with Unite Moves. The worth of the item only rises as players become more adept at using their Unite Move around Objectives. The item’s reduction in cooldown is also a welcome benefit.

Exp. Share Exp. Share is a reliable item that bestows dependable stats like Movement Speed and HP. Additionally, because of its special impact, your landing partner can level up and get stronger more quickly.

Score Shield: Score Shield is a specialized piece of equipment with a lot of potential uses, especially in aggressive goal scoring. The ability to score a goal in the middle of the field makes it a useful diving item if your side is sieging the opposition’s goalpost.

Shell Bell: Another item for Pokemon with Special Damage is the Shell Bell. Along with improvements to Special Attack and Cooldown Reduction. This item also enables you to heal some HP whenever you deal Special Damage to opponents.

B Tier Pokemon

C Tier Pokemon

 Aeos: Every time you score a goal, the Held Item Aeos Cookie increases your HP. As an item, this isn’t particularly effective in the current metagame because there are better goal-centric options that give you greater stat rewards.

Garchomp: For Physical Damage dealers like Machamp and Garchomp that prefer to travel the map, Float Stone is a good addition. The item doesn’t actually give any stats or effects other than the movement speed bonus that would be helpful in a team fight.

Rocky Helmet: Rocky Helmet is a fantastic tank accessory. Its necessity for an immediate burst of damage as opposed to steady damage, which would have rendered its return damage null, causes it to rank lower on our tier list. It still has excellent and sometimes practical stat enhancements.

Leftovers: A simple item called Leftovers gives you passive HP regeneration while you are not engaged in combat. This Held Item, while first appealing, starts to lose its attractiveness as you subsequently discover better and more effective alternatives.

Sp. Atk. Specs:  The item Sp. Atk. Specs are excellent for scaling Special Damage into a match’s final stages. But given the current meta, scoring goals isn’t worth the extra effort. It is preferable to equip any set of wise glasses, choice specs. Shell bells if you want to increase damage from beginning to end without having to put in the extra effort. Additionally, as Score Shield’s cooldown has been increased as a result of the Update. It is no longer able to score quickly after another, decreasing its overall viability.

Pokemon unite attacker tier list

Attacker Pokémon in Pokémon Unite are the creatures who can do a significant amount of damage to their opponents, whether in close battle or at a distance, despite having little endurance.

Venusaur, Pikachu, Alolan Ninetales, Mew, Espeon, Gardevoir, Glaceon, Greninja, Sylveon, DecidueyeCinderace, Cramorant, and Duraludon are the six Attacker Pokémon available at the time of writing. Pikachu is one of the Pokémon Unite tier list licenses that are available once the tutorial is finished.


In spite of the newcomers, Pikachu continues to be Pokémon Unite’s top attacker. This is partly because Pikachu has the power to stun enemies before dispatching of them with its powerful damage output. Recent meta adjustments have also strengthened Pikachu’s Unite Move.


Mew only falls short of taking the top rank since it takes a lot of practice to harness its power effectively. This is due to the mechanic’s Move Reset, which makes it necessary for you to be able to adjust to the moves you are given. Its Mystic Mirage ability still makes it a fantastic attacker for any team.

Alolan Ninetales:

Alolan Ninetales is a fantastic choice for any team. Thanks to Aurora Veil’s ability to deal damage to opponents while enhancing teammates. Alolan Ninetales can also stop an enemy in their tracks, giving you the opportunity to score goals or eliminate a Pokémon.


Considering that Gardevoir is an Attacker designed for the endgame, be sure to level it up as early as you can. Thankfully, changes to the meta have made this Pokémon’s early game simpler without reducing its potency. The best option for you is Gardevoir if you enjoy AoE attacks.


Glaceon is the greatest substitute for Alolan Ninetales if you don’t have either. It possesses the power to ice opponents, and Snow Cloak enables Glaceon to thwart crowd control techniques. This implies that while using Glaceon to strike your opponents with ice attacks, you can also utilize him to keep your team together.


Cinderace’s strength comes from its capacity to burn single targets with long-range assaults. This implies that you can dismantle the opposition squad with ease before they even get to you. As this Pokémon does have a weak early game, make sure you evolve into Cinderace as soon as you can.


Venusaur has the capacity to repair themselves thanks to Giga Drain and Petal Dance, and with this capability, they can endure a variety of trying circumstances. The key to exploiting this Pokémon to its full potential is to level it up as rapidly as you can in the early going by concentrating on wild Pokémon.


Double Team and Smokescreen, two of Greninja’s moves, aid it in escaping peril. The drawback is that this Pokémon’s strength only manifests itself in the later stages of a game once you’ve unlocked its whole equipment needed. Just be sure to choose your targets wisely!


Espeon is the weakest of the Attacker Eeveelutions despite having a strong moveset. Psyshock, which can stun opponents, and Psybeam work together to deal a significant amount of damage to the enemy side. Espeon can evade obstacles with the aid of Magic Bounce, but you must still be aware of your surroundings to prevent becoming caught.


Sadly, the damage that Duraludon can deal has decreased as a result of changes to its meta. It still maintains the capacity to deliver decent damage over a huge area, and Stealth Rock can still be used multiple times before the cooldown kicks in.

Cramorant :

The formerly powerful Cramorant is located here. Cormorant has moved to this position as a result of several meta adjustments, however, Surf and Whirlpool can still incapacitate foes.

Pokemon unite attacker tier list

Pokemon unite supporter tier list

In Pokémon Unite, support Pokémon can heal comrades and attack enemies by exploiting status situations to help their teammates win battles. The three Supporter Pokémon that are currently available are Wigglytuff, Mr. Mime, Blissey, Hoopa, and Eldegoss, one of the Pokémon you can select after completing the tutorial. 

Hoopa: Hoopa assists its teammates with healing, boosts, and, in a unique way, inventing new routes across the battlefield that can greatly confound the other team. Ring Unbound and Hyperspace Hole, for example, hurt the other side while also giving Hoopa’s squad access to warp ports, which are useful if you need to flee right away.

Blissey: Blissey is a fantastic supporter with amazing healing support, the power to take down enemies, boost damage, and both give and take away debuffs. To truly benefit from Blissey’s abilities, just keep your companions close by.

Mr. Mime: In keeping with Pokémon lore, Mr. Mime excels at building barriers that can separate or force the opposing side back. Mr. Mime has the power to alter both friends’ and enemies’ Special Defense and Defense stats, but it cannot heal its allies.

Wigglytuff: When using Wigglytuff, it’s critical to stick with your team because this Pokémon excels at stunning and putting adversaries to sleep. You’ll need support because Wigglytuff is unable to effectively beat these Pokémon on its own.

Eldegoss:  Eldegoss is the ideal Supporter in theory because it can heal allies and offer shields, but with Pokémon Unite’s introduction, other members of the Supporter class have taken its place in the spotlight. We advise concentrating on another Pokémon if you want to play the support role.



Which is the No 1 Pokemon in Pokémon Unite?
The strongest and most popular characters in Pokémon Unite are those who deal the greatest damage and move the fastest. Since the game’s beta, Zeraora has been a top-tier character because of her ability to rush about like a yellow Spider-Man and deliver incredible damage.

What is the best Pokemon in Pokémon Unite 2022?
Lucario is  One of the best Pokémon for the first line because it is the perfect All-Rounder and can deliver damage on par with attackers and take damage on par with defenders. And to top it all off, it has the mobility to compete with Speedsters.

Who is the strongest attacker in Pokémon Unite?
Pikachu. You might be surprised to learn that Pikachu in Pokémon Unite is one of the strongest attack stats.

Who is the strongest Pokemon?
The stunning Arceus is the all-time strongest Pokemon. This mythical being, known as the universe’s creator, is ultimately God in the Pokemon universe.

Which is the best pokemon?
Without a question, Arceus is the most strong Legendary Pokémon. 

Why is Pokemon Unite so popular?
A passionate playerbase made up of both professional and casual fans has been established due to the game’s innovative scoring and comeback mechanics. The quality of a multiplayer game depends on its participants, and the “Pokemon Unite” community is made up of content producers, builders, and Pokemon enthusiasts.

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