Pop Slots DS Spins : How to Redeem & Use Complete Guide

Pop Slots has changed the way we see the virtual casino game arena. It consistently comes with new features and DS spins are part of it. You can use Pop Slots DS spins for your advantage in the game. It can be your alternative for the in-game currency.

You will get to know more about it inside the article. Besides, I will also share with you some free methods to collect DS spins regularly. If you are eager to know about these things then hover underneath to the main section. 

What are DS spins on Pop Slots?

DS spins allow players to play on a virtual slot machine without any in-game chips. Basically, you don’t have to spend in-game currency when you have DS spins. Besides, you can also utilize your Pop Slots DS spins in order to unlock in-game items or virtual coins from the casino game.

Pop Slots always bring something new to the gameplay. There are certain Pop Slots machines that can only be played with DS spins. As long as you have DS spins, you can keep on playing the virtual casino game without any chips. Some of the common ways to collect Pop Slots special DS spins are shared underneath.

  • You can level up and earn more free DS spins.
  • DS Spins can also be purchased from the in-game store.
  • Complete certain in-game challenges for DS spins.

                                                         What are DS spins on Pop Slots

How to use DS spins on Pop Slots?

Pop Slots can be play after you meet certain requirements. Besides, the rewards distribution on DS spins is also different from the regular spins. The process to use DS spins is pretty straightforward. Let’s check them out.

  • Launch the game and login to your Pop Slots account.
  • Select the ‘Menu’ icon from the top left corner.
  • There you need to go with the ‘My Balance’ option.
  • Tab on the ‘DS Spins’ category and make sure you have available DS Spins to spare.
  • Select the preferred slot machine that you want to play on.
  • Go for the ‘Spin’ option and use DS Spins.
  • You will receive rewards at the end of the game and your DS spins balance will be updated.    

Methods To Collect Pop Slots Free DS Spins

There are several ways through which you can collect free DS Spins in Pop Slots. It is essential to know these methods if you want to play with DS spins. All the methods shared here are legit and you can use them anytime to collect Pop Slots Free DS Spins.

  • Daily Bonus

You can also get DS spins reward from a daily login bonus. Login to the Pop Slots game every single day and check for the daily bonuses, you might end up with some free spins. Keep on gaining XP to get more DS spins for free.

  • Leveling Up

You need to play the Pop Slots game regularly to level up on the game. Each time you level up, you get free DS spins for the gameplay. The reward increases as you go to a higher level. The best way to level up fast is by playing the game on a regular basis.

  • Completing Challenges

The Pop Slots challenge feature is updated every single day. Some challenges offer free DS spins after you complete the challenge. Check your Pop Slots challenge bar every single day and keep on earning more spins.

  • Special Events

Pop Slots is very active on social platforms. They often held special events for free rewards. You can participate in special events that offer free DS spins. Besides, you can also join their newsletter for more free DS spin opportunities.

  • Facebook linking

You can always earn some extra spins by linking your Facebook account with Pop Slots. It is a one-time Pop Slots reward system and it can’t be repeated multiple times. You should take every opportunity to earn Pop Slots free DS spins. 

Methods To Collect Pop Slots Free DS Spins

Final Verdict

You already know lots of details about the Pop Slots DS spin. Keep collecting DS spins following the mentioned methods above. Some slots machines game  blocked by currency. You must have DS spins on your inventory in order to bid on them.

Pay attention to the details and never run out of DS spins rewards. Let us know what else you want us to cover in the next article. New Pop Slots content updated every single week. Keep connected with us for more.

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