Pop Slots Free Gifts & Bonuses Sharing Tips & Tricks with friends

The social casino game Pop Slots allows players to earn chips rewards and bonuses in many different ways. Pop Slots free gifts are also part of it. You can share with your friend free chips, coins, and other virtual items.

You will get to know here the full procedure to share gifts among friends. Check out the methods to collect more free Pop Slots chips and advance to the next level faster. An extra layer of social connection will definitely make the Pop Slots game more fun and exciting for you.  

Methods to earn more Pop Slots free chips

Methods to earn more Pop Slots free chips

Pop Slots free gifts and chips will always be beneficial for the casino gameplay. You will need them to stay in the game for an extended period of time. So, you should try out every single way to earn more Pop Slots chips. Some of the common ways to gain more free Pop Slots chips are shared below.

  • Login Bonus

POP Slots wants players to be more connected to the game. So, they have introduced a Pop Slots daily bonus feature. You can just login to the game every single day and keep on redeeming more free chips for the casino game.

  • Level Up

You need to play the game on a regular basis to earn more chips. It will give you more spins and experience points. In this way, you will easily level up on the game and increase your free chips slot. Play on various slot machines and keep leveling up.

  • Complete Achievements

Pop Slots has an achievement milestone feature. Check your achievement tab and look for your targets. Act accordingly and start completing new achievements. It will unlock free chips for you alongside other Pop Slots rewards.

  • Participation in Events

Pop Slots social handles often run new Pop Slots free gifts reward campaigns. You can participate in them and bag some more chips in your name. Besides, you can also subscribe to the Pop Slots newsletter and create more opportunities to earn free chips.

  • Promotional Ads

Pop Slots sign up with brands to promote their products. Players get the option to watch ads and earn more free chips. Ads are short and most often less than 30 seconds. Besides, you can also skip them after watching for a few seconds.  

How to exchange Pop Slots gifts with friends?

How to exchange Pop Slots gifts with friends

Pop Slots free gift exchange can be done from the friend zone. It is a pretty simple process but it might be a little tricky for new gamers. If you know the process then I will suggest you skip this section. Let’s check out the step-by-step guide to sharing gifts with friends in Pop Slots.

  • Launch the Pop Slot app and login into your account.
  • Look for the ‘Friend’ setting and click it.
  • You will see a ‘Send a Gift’ option at the top.
  • Select the friend to whom you want to send the gift.
  • Click the ‘Send’ button and you have successfully exchanged gifts with your friends.  

You need to have enough coins or chips in your inventory if you want to send them to your game friends. Pop Slots free coins gift feature is limited on the gameplay. You can only send one gift to each friend per day.

Final Verdicts

You already know the way to collect Pop Slots free chips free gifts coins. You can try out the mentioned methods and always keep your in-game chips inventory full. It will be significant to take more bids on the casino game and increase your chance to win jackpots.

Pop Slots always want to keep the bidders active in the game. More you play, more you earn on the casino game. Keep on playing and always try to stick with the best practices for the Pop Slots gameplay. More updates about Pop Slots free gifts and chips in the next article.

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