Pop Slots VIP Status Benefits, Tier Types, Reward Distribution

Pop Slots gives you the experience of a virtual casino game. You can spin virtual slot machines and win virtual coins, rewards and bonuses. Pop Slots VIP status is a very special feature on it. You can unlock them by earning reward points.

VIP members are also placed in many different tiers. I will also discuss them more briefly down below. You will also get to know about the VIP status reward system, benefits, and more. Let’s hover underneath and get to know more.

How to get VIP status in Pop Slots?

Pop Slots VIP status is linked with the reward point margin. You will require a certain amount of reward points in order to upgrade to VIP status. Playing more is the key here. Take every opportunity like events, promotions, and missions to collect more reward points.

You will have a set period of time to collect certain reward points to achieve VIP status. The points cap will increase with level-ups. Even after you get the VIP status, you need to continue earning a certain set of reward points to maintain the special status in the gameplay. 

                                                                                                            How to get VIP status in Pop Slots?


Benefits of VIP Status

Pop Slots has two account statuses for the players. You can upgrade to the VIP status based on your gameplay statistics. The benefits of VIP status players are endless in the casino game. Some of the common benefits of playing with VIP status are shared below.

  • Increased daily bonuses cap.
  • Exclusive virtual slot machine access.
  • Ability to earn more reward points.
  • Access to a dedicated VIP customer support team.
  • Exclusive events and promotions participation.      

Different Types of Pop Slots Tiers

Pop Slots place players in different tiers based on their gaming reward points. Each one of them has different benefits for the layer. Pop Slots tiers can vary from country to country. Some of the common types of tiers in Pop Slots are shared below.

  • Bronze: This is the first Pop Slots VIP status tier. You will enjoy standard daily bonuses and reward points here.
  • Silver: It increases the number of daily bonuses and reward points for you. You can play the game consistently and move from bronze to silver Pop Slots VIP tiers.
  • Gold: It unlocks the exclusive virtual slot machine access with other VIP status bonuses.
  • Platinum: This is the highest level of Pop Slots VIP room without invitation. Regular players will get the largest bonuses and rewards from here.     
  • Elite: It is an invite-only Pop Slots tier. Regular players will often not have access to this tier.

What should you do to take full advantage of Pop Slots VIP status?

Once you have upgraded to the VIP status, you need to play the game regularly in order to advance to a higher tier. Besides, you should also play regularly to keep the VIP status active. Take proper advantage of the exclusive promotions and events bonuses.

Look for VIP-only tournaments and get some hefty rewards on win. If you face any problem, you can use the VIP channel for customer care support. These are the common strategies to maximize the benefits of Pop Slots VIP status.  

                                                                                                               What should you do to take full advantage of Pop Slots VIP status? 

Final Verdict

Pop Slots VIP status is an exclusive feature of the gameplay. You already know the whole process to become a VIP member of Pop Slots. Play the game on a regular basis and increase your chance to upgrade to a better Pop Slots tier.

You can lose your special status anytime if you don’t earn reward points consistently. So, I will say it is a hard task to retain VIP status for a long time. Stay with us and learn more about the Pop Slots gameplay.

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