What happened to Fortnite? Dealing With Real Issues?

What happened to Fortnite? Dealing With Real Issues?

We often have to hear the question of what happened to Fortnite. The user base is increasing every single day and also the problem with it. The popular game is not so far from any other high-end gaming issues. You will find server downtime, feature shuffling, data loss, etc.

I will try to introduce you to some common issues of the Fortnite game. The article will also provide you with the reasons and ways to solve them. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get underneath and get to know more.  

What happened to Fortnite? Dealing With Real Issues?

What happened to Fortnite? Not A Fun Game Anymore

Fortnite has changed the way it functions. Old gamers have started to figure out the gameplay. The style and flair of the game started to be pretty common for all. Building property gets simpler and that is no fun for anyone.

Fortnite developers also need to hold some share of the failure. I don’t know why but they often drop popular features and reintroduce something new. They are making some mistakes to calculate the taste of the Fortnite gamers.

Skill-based matchmaking does not always give an essential taste of winning for beginners. New players lose hope early as they see no progress in their gameplay. I also stopped playing once I found out how the same pattern repeats for every build period.

What happened to Fortnite mobile?

Fortnite mobile has not returned to the app store. But you can now play it on your Android or iOS devices. The relaunch of Fortnite mobile is announced on 5th May 2022. You can also play them on the browser of Apple devices using the Xbox pass.

The news is great for Fortnite mobile gamers. The trouble started when Fortnite tried to bypass the 30% commission of the Apple app store. Following Apple, Google also put down the game from the playstore. Still, you will not find Fortnite on app stores rather they have chosen to unlock the cloud gaming option.

What happened to Fortnite servers?

Fortnite servers need regular maintenance. Fortnite always announces the downtime on their official website. You can visit Epic Games Public Status page and see the scheduled downtime. Most of the server downtime on Fortnite does not stand for more than 30 minutes.

Sometimes, it might take the whole game down or disable a specific feature. Like, the previous downtime has disabled the matchmaking feature for half an hour. There is no way to bypass the trouble rather than waiting.  

What happened to the Fortnite duos?

Fortnite duos are not so popular. Very few people play it nowadays. It was popular in the initial stages. But people started to lose interest in the duos playground. So, Fortnite has decided to take down the duos from the gameplay.

Now, gamers are not so happy with the action. Some might desire to play a 1vs1 game against their best friend. But Fortnite has not considered it and decided to cut the duos off. I think that is a bad decision from the developer’s side.

What happened to Fortnite items?

Does your Fortnite account suddenly jump to level 1 and you have no items on your inventory? Well, there might be some data loss from your side. Check your Epic Game account and make sure you are logged in.

The system often logs you out automatically when you are not in play for some time. Try to re-login to your Epic Games account and it will give you all your items back. Still, if you are missing Fortnite items, purchases and progress then you should contact Epic Game for a solution.

What happened to Fortnite Save The World mode?

Are you looking for the Fortnite Save The World mode and can’t find it? Well, the Fortnite V19.30 update has relocated the feature. They are shifted to the discover menu from the game mode select screen of Fortnite.

Above the play option, you will find the Change button on the main lobby. Click it and you will see a row of different modes. Navigate through and there you will find the ‘Save The World’ mode. The problem is solved.

What happened to Fortnite Save The World mode?

Final Verdict

I hope you have the answer to what happened to Fortnite. The game does have issues and you can solve them with the right methods. I always try to help you with your gaming queries. Don’t forget to mention what you want us to cover in the next article.

Our goal revolves around your needs. Share your feedback and help us to grow further. Stay with us and improve your Fortnite gameplay on a consistent basis. Thank you for reading this fear. Keep coming back for more shortly.    

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happened to Fortnite on iOS?

Fortnite has been taken down from the Apple Store. It is still not available on iOS devices. But Microsoft has collaborated with Apple and allows Fortnite users to play the game using the browser. You will need an Xbox pass for it.

Why is my Fortnite not working?

Make sure you are using the latest version of Fortnite. Also, look for available updates. Fortnite might also call for a maintenance hour. Check Epic Games Public Status on their official site. Restart the console and try again.

Is Fortnite still alive?

Fortnite has millions of players who play the game on a regular basis. Fortnite is alive and going to be that way for the coming days. Don’t give much attention to the minor game issues. It will be solved and Fortnite will be more fun to play. 

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