What Pokemon are you based on your birthday month?

Have you ever wanted a Pokemon you are based on your birthday? If you enjoy the show, it’s probably that you’ve hoped for your own strong spouse on your birthday more than once. But have you ever considered which Pokemon your birthday would make you?

Each month has certain character traits and behaviors that are typical of those who were born in that month. Based on your birth month, we’ve listed the Pokemon that most closely resembles your personality below.

Eevee in January 

January is a month of transformation.  Most people use the first month of the year as a chance to make positive changes and get ready for the year ahead. All the good and bad days of the previous year are now officially in the past. An opportunity to start over comes in January.

You are related to Eevee if your birthday fell during this month of change. Eevee accepts change and believes that you may be anyone you want to be. It is a creature renowned for its flexibility, multiple evolutions, and positive attitude.

Eevee in January 

Luvdisc in February 

The month of February has arrived, and love is already permeating the atmosphere. New partnerships are typically formed during the month of love while existing ones are frequently celebrated. There is no better month than February to celebrate love, whether it is romantic love or the passion you have for your friends and family.

You are a Luvdisc if you were born this month. Its distinctive heart shape makes it exceptional, and you can manifest all the love and warmth within your heart in the form of this Pokemon.

Florges in March 

Spring has arrived! It’s a lovely day outside with the flowers blooming and the birds singing. Flowers, vivid hues, and outdoor activities make March special. March is the ideal climate for enjoying the outdoors because it is neither too hot nor too chilly.

Florges is a type of nature that March babies will undoubtedly appreciate. This exquisite and lovely Pokemon is a fantastic representation of the month. Florges look stunning with vivid colors and lovely blooms.

Rotom in April

There are just too many jokes this April. Historically an American event, April Fool’s Day has become a worldwide custom thanks to the internet. You will enjoy being the electric-type Rotom if you have a keen sense of humor and were born in the month of mischief.

due to its capacity to escape detection by electronic equipment. Rotom can surprise anyone by conducting small pranks while hiding inside the microwave or freezer. Whatever form it takes, you’re likely to identify with Rotom’s sense of humor

Kangaskhan in May

You probably have a compassionate and caring nature if you were born in May. You’re frequently referred to as the group’s mother. Kangashkan is the Pokemon version of you.

Kangaskhan constantly carries a small baby in its pouch and never lets any threat cause harm to the child. The ideal mother will do everything it takes to keep her family safe. Similar to this, May babies are passionately protective of their clan.

.Drampa in June  

Actually, June, the month when heatwaves start, is the month when reasonable, intelligent people who can make everyone around them feel safe and secure are born.

As a result, Drampa is the perfect match for June babies. It is a kind creature that enjoys hanging out in tiny towns where it can play with and look after kids. Its dwelling may easily turn into a fiery inferno if one were to get on its bad side or harm the children it looks after.

Castform in July 

The month of July may be both enjoyable and soothing. Since the sky can quickly turn gloomy, it can also present unexpected surprises.

If you were born in July, you probably have Castform since it wonderfully captures these extreme weather variations. Castfom adapts to the environment and changes its form according to the weather, much like how you maintain an open mind about the majority of things.

Castform in July 

Alakazam in August  

The month of returning to school is now. Others find comfort in the thought of seeing their friends once more, while some are sad to see the holidays come to a close. A Pokemon that constantly strives to learn is the ideal choice because this month is all about acquiring knowledge and making new friends.

Alakazam is most likely to be you if you were born in August. The Pokemon prefers to be near its trainer and enjoys social interaction because it is constantly working to improve itself.

Milotic in September 

September is typically a tranquil month, making it an excellent choice for International Peace Day. If you were born in this month, you probably take life seriously and with serenity. You avoid confrontation and would much rather be alone. You and Milotic, who likes the stillness at the bottom of lakes, are comparable.

Milotic also dislikes strife. It will emerge from hiding whenever it notices two creatures arguing nearby and will use its attractiveness to charm them.

Mimikyu in October 

 Halloween month is usually enjoyable. It’s time for everyone to put on their costumes, go out and collect candy, perform practical jokes, and go to parties. Everyone is allowed to come out of their shells and have a good time this month. If you were born in the month, it’s likely that you only show your playful side in particular settings.

You are like Mimikyu, who always dresses up as Pikachu to show off its cute and amiable disposition. The fact that this Pokemon is already dressed in costume and is of the ghost type makes it the perfect choice for October.

Yamask in November 

We frequently feel sentimental and think back on individuals who passed away in November, the second last month of the year. A custom to remember people who have died away in this month is practiced in many nations worldwide.

For this month, Yamask is the ideal Pokemon. The creature, which was endowed with a human soul, is always wearing a mask that resembles its face. It acknowledges and respects its own death in a certain way.

Delibird in December

Christmas is arrived, which means there will be plenty of delicious food and limitless presents. December, the year’s most joyous month, is the ideal time to spend with close friends and family. It is also time to express gratitude to those that assist and support us.

You’re a Delibird if you were born in December. It has a special move called present in addition to carrying its own small giftbag about. Such as Christmas gifts that can make or break your holiday, Delibird has the ability to either heal or damage its opponents.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) 

If you were born in July, what Pokemon are you?

You probably have Castform if you were born in July since it wonderfully captures these extreme weather variations.

What do you receive from Pokemon on your birthday?

Visit a Pokemon Center on your birthday. When you first go in, you’ll notice that the lights are dim. Then, in celebration of your birthday, a party popper will go off, causing Pikachu and several types of confetti to descend from the ceiling!

What is Ash’s birthday?

Technically speaking, Ash’s actual birthdate is May 22. Ash’s birthday is accurately 10 years, 10 months, and 10 days before the day he began his journey in the anime, in accordance with the late Takeshi Shudo’s anime novelizations.

What day is Pikachu’s birthday?

The Pokémon Go birthday celebration, which introduces a new summer form of Pikachu, is timed to coincide with the game’s second birthday on July 6.

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