What to Do With Your Extra Pokemon Cards

You most likely have a large number of extra Pokemon cards. When you have hundreds (or thousands) of unwanted Pokemon cards, it may be difficult to not know what to do with them.

You cannot simply discard them! Avoid doing it! Instead, do something fun or helpful with your extra cards.

Here are some suggestions on what to do with your collection of unwanted but functional card games:

Sell Any Extra Pokemon Cards!

The most obvious choice may be to sell your excess Pokemon cards, but do it anyhow! There are several methods you can use to accomplish this, but these are the most well-liked methods.

Online Pokemon Card Marketplace

Selling on Amazon or eBay can be your best option if you want to get rid of a lot of cards. Right now, you can discover people selling large quantities of Pokemon cards if you search for postings. This will give you a better idea of how your listing might seem and how much you might charge for bulk cards.

However, TCGPlayer or eBay is most likely the site you should visit if you’re looking to sell specific cards.

Online Pokemon Card Marketplace

Sell Your Pokemon Cards to people

Your other choice is to actually sell your Pokemon cards. The greatest options are listed below.

  • You could attempt to sell your Pokemon cards at a nearby card shop (GameStop, Local Card Store, etc.)
  • You can attempt to sell them on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or at a yard sale. (Be sure to take the necessary safety procedures to keep yourself safe while using these markets to sell in person!)
  • You can try offering them for sale at Pokemon conventions or other events.

Since the number of individuals you can sell to in person is significantly smaller than it is online, you probably won’t make as much money as you would selling online. However, it at least provides you with another means of selling your extra Pokemon cards.

Finally, before selling your cards, be sure to know their value because you want to make absolutely sure you obtain your money’s worth.

Make Extra Pokemon Cards Donations

You can also donate your extra Pokemon cards as a disposal method. Actually, donations for cards are accepted by a non-profit company name Pokelanthropy Inc. Children in need are handed cards after they receive them.

This is a fantastic choice if you would rather donate to a charity than deal with the trouble of selling your Pokemon cards.

Put Extra Pokemon Cards to Use or Sell Them

Things start to go a little more toward the creative end of things at this point. This is a fantastic alternative if you (or someone you know) like being creative and can make stuff. Your extra Pokemon cards can be transformed into a variety of artworks, such as:

  • wall art
  • Buttons & Pins
  • Notepads, notebooks
  • Notepads, notebooks

Are Pokemon cards worth keeping?

Base Set 2 cards are typically valued by collectors at the same level as Base Set Unlimited cards or somewhat lower. For better or worse, most Pokémon cards from the 1990s aren’t very valuable. Therefore, if you’re stressed out about losing your collection, take heart: it probably only has a few priceless memories to offer.

How do you store extra Pokemon cards?

Your Pokémon cards can be kept in a binder, which is a very common method of storage. You can purchase binders with card-specific sleeve compartments. Your cards will be more easily accessible and organized if you use a card binder. Double-sleeve your cards if you choose to utilize this method to keep them even more secure.

How do you store extra Pokemon cards?

Do I need to sleeve my Pokemon cards?

The majority of players utilize card sleeves to safeguard their cards, but it’s also a good idea to use sleeves if some of your deck’s cards have minor scratches or stains on them. In order to prevent unfair advantages during games, it is crucial that a card cannot be found when it is face down or hidden inside a deck.

Is it worth to collect Pokémon cards in 2023?

Due to the high demand for investments in the Pokémon Trading Card Game, collectors should keep an eye out for these goods and cards to purchase in 2022. In recent years, the Pokémon Trading Card Game has established itself as a trustworthy source for alternative investments.


I hope you were able to come up with some fresh suggestions for what to use with your extra Pokemon cards. I sincerely hope that this information helped you make a decision.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) 

Are old Pokemon cards legal?

For the sake of fairness, Old Pokémon Trading Card Game Cards Are Illegal.

Can I get Pokemon cards anywhere?

eBay is one of the finest venues to sell Pokemon cards and other collectibles Because sellers can set their own selling prices.

Are my 1999 Pokémon cards worth anything?

A 1999 first edition shadowless charmeleon can be purchased for up to $500, while a mint first edition shadowless Nidorino base set card can be bought for up to $160. On an Australian card collectors website, Pokemon cards can sell for anywhere between $5 and $800.

Do Pokemon cards lose their value with time?

The worst sunlight is overhead. Sun-soaked cards can discolor and even become brittle over time. The sun’s UV (ultraviolet) radiation can severely damage your collection of playing cards.

Can we sell Pokemon cards to Gamestop?

Are Pokémon cards available at Gamestop? Gamestop doesn’t buy Pokemon cards

Which Pokemon cards are still legal?

cards from past rotations of Rare Candy, including EX Sandstorm and Great Encounters, are still acceptable. Similar to that, basic Energy cards from all sets—aside from Fairy Energy—remain legal in tournament play.

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