Which Is The Best Starter Pokemon in Emerald ?

The Pokemon series’ third generation is a fascinating one. Ruby, Sapphire, and then Emerald appeared as a result. But for now, our attention is on Emerald. Don’t forget about FireRed and LeafGreen initially. People would enquire about the best starter Pokemon in Emerald, just like they did for the games that came before it. Individuals will debate one over the other, and occasionally they can just select a starting based on their preferences.

We’ll go over the various reasons you may want to select one of the three as your starter. You could always play through each of them numerous times. We’ll absolutely let you know who you should choose first. Only Emerald or Generation will be used as the basis for all data and statistics. This implies that we won’t take into account variables for that outside of Emerald.

Which Is The Best Starter Pokemon in Emerald

Pokemon Emerald – Third-Generation 

1. Mudkip 

Mudkip is an obvious option for our #1 ranking due to its excellent offensive type, balanced defense and offense stats, and powerful movepool. For a starter, being useful in the early going is essential, and Mudkip dominates the first, third, and fourth Gyms in terms of type benefits. It has a type advantage versus Team Magma and access to Ice Beam to deal with the Flying-type sixth Gym thanks to its relatively early access to powerful STAB techniques like Surf and Earthquake.

It’s one significant weakness is a devastating vulnerability to Grass-type attacks, but these dangers can be neutralized by relatively common Flying-type Pokémon like Swellow or, early on, even weaker Pokémon like Dustox or Beautifly. Despite this flaw, Mudkip is still our #1 choice in Hoenn due to its early-game dominance and strong overall power.

2. Torchic

With its dual Fire/Fighting typing, the Torchic family started a long legacy of beginning Pokémon, and Pokémon Emerald makes good use of this superior offensive typing. Torchic is helpful in the early going but is in constant danger. A Combusken with Double Kick can defeat the Rock-type initial gym, but it also poses a knockout threat with its incredibly potent Rock-type attacks. Like Magneton, the third Gym’s Electric-type Magneton may be partially defeated by Double Kick. Still, the Torchic line is not resistant to Electric-type attacks and has unimpressive defensive stats.


This is a recurring motif for Torchic that prevents it from taking the top spot: while it offers a potent offensive weapon to take down numerous formidable foes, it also constantly faces the risk of being knocked out due to weak defensive typing and stats. Despite this setback, the Torchic line is still a crucial asset to any Nuzlocke squad and earns our second-place rating thanks to its offensive firepower and coverage, which enable it to sweep many teams by itself once it reaches full power in the late game.

3. Treecko

The fact that Treecko is our third-place pick demonstrates the outstanding caliber of the Hoenn region’s starter Pokémon. Treecko and its evolutionary line are powerful Pokémon. A type advantage against the Rock-type first Gym and resistance to the Electric-type third Gym increase this Pokémon’s usefulness early in a run. It also has high speed, good attacking numbers, and a good STAB move in Leaf Blade. By the middle of the game, though, Treecko starts to have issues as a result of being mainly excluded from crucial battles by the Fire-type and Flying-type gyms. due to Leaf Blade’s sole Grass-typing and the fact that it only has 70 Base Potency in generation three, its power starts to wane by the late game.

A type advantage versus Wallace, the Water-type Champion, partially offsets this (though this does not apply to the same extent in Ruby and Sapphire, where the Rock and Steel-type Steven is Champion). Treecko is outpaced by the other two starter Pokémon since it lacks Mudkip’s early-game domination and Torchic’s late-game firepower, earning it our third-place ranking.

Which Pokémon is the best In Pokemon Emerald?

Swampert: Without a doubt, the game’s greatest starting. It only has one vulnerability, grass (4), which it may overcome by learning ice beam.

Breloom: Shroomish is quite helpful in the early stages of the game. Leech seed is very helpful in warfare.

Aggron: A very powerful Pokemon with a high attack.

Which Pokémon is the best In Pokemon Emerald?

Best Pokemon Emerald team with Sceptile

In Pokemon, Sceptile is the Hoenn region’s frequently overlooked starter. The Grass starter from Generation III is hardly a slouch, despite the popularity and possibly superior strength of its Fire and Water siblings.

Sceptile is an excellent Pokemon, despite having a move pool that isn’t as large as Blaziken’s, and resistances that don’t stack like Swampert’s. What is the best squad to surround Sceptile with, though, is a bit of a gray area given that so many players in Generation III chose either Mudkip or Torchic.

Here are the Best teams for Pokemon Emerald with Sceptile.

#1. Salamence

#2. Milotic

#3. Hariyama

#4. Ninetales

#5. Gardevoir

What is the best starter for an Emerald Nuzlocke?

We choose to use Treecko for our Emerald nuzlocke rather than Mudkip because we use it frequently. It was able to perform admirably against a few gym leaders (Roxanne, Wattson, Juan), but it was forced to take a backseat for the majority of the E4. It helped a little bit with Sidney and Phoebe, but it struggled against Drake (because I gave another Pokemon the Dragon Claw TM), Glacia, and even Wallace because half of his team was covered by Ice/Poison). Blaziken isn’t very good, and according on what I’ve heard from others, the gen 3 starter hierarchy is probably Swampert > Sceptile > Blaziken.

What is the best starter for an Emerald Nuzlocke?

Torchic Mudkip or Treecko—which is better?

Treecko has twice as much starting speed as Mudkip and 40 more starting stat points for speed than Torchic. Treecko also benefits the most from its Mega Evolution. The Pokémon becomes a dragon type, which is likely the strongest Pokémon kind in the game when it evolves into Mega Sceptile.

Which starter should I choose In Emerald?

Swampert is the greatest beginning for Emerald since it performs well in all of the game’s key battles, thus choosing it was a wise move. Finally, let’s establish a team. Swampert’s primary weakness is grass, thus you need a kind that can hit back hard and resist grass. Great options include swellow and camerupt.

Which starter is the best in Pokémon Ruby?

For Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, which Pokemon should you choose? Squirtle is the best starter in Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow, according to statistics.

Is Torchic a good starter?

When Torchic develops into Blaziken, it becomes a hybrid of the fire and flying types, which is fantastic. As a result, it is particularly effective against a variety of Pokemon types. It becomes one of the best beginning Pokemon yet once it begins learning fighting moves.

Final Thought 

The best starter Pokemon for Emerald depends entirely on your playstyle, to summarize and give you an idea. In Pokemon video games, there is no ideal starter; instead, the perfect starter depends on your style of play. Because the majority of players won’t remove their starters, you must build your party around the starter of your choice. It also depends on how you construct your starting, such as by teaching it how to move.

Torchic is the best option if you want a starter that can dispatch hordes of foes and carry a punch. It only needs to be slightly ground up, but once you do, it can be really useful. Treecko is simple to raise, but its adaptability may be constrained. However, its strength will be speed. Treecko is the game to play if you enjoy playing quickly and aggressively.

Ultimately, Mudkip is regarded by many as a solid starter. It is heavily used by speedrunners, and new players will benefit from its balanced playstyle. Although it may not move very quickly, it can strike firmly and last longer.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) 

Which generation of Pokemon has the best starters?

Gen I is the best generation for beginning Pokémon because of the iconic original trio of Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur.

What gen 3 starter is the best?

Best Gen 3 Starter: Mudkip. A secure and reliable option for new players, Mudkip’s evolutionary line often has fewer flaws over the games.

In Pokemon Emerald, is it possible to mega evolve?

Mega Evolution as a mechanic didn’t exist until nine years and three generations after the release of Pokemon Emerald, hence there is no code for a Mega Stone in that game.

Why mudkip is the best starter?

because you’re not allowed to go for Groudon or Kyogre. Since there is no grass gym in Hoenn, it also works against the elite four and practically all gym leaders. So that makes for the best starter. 

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