How to Get Hacked Pokemon through poke transporter: A Guide

If you are a fan of Pokémon, you might have some hacked or modified Pokémon in your older games that you want to transfer to your newer ones. However, you might encounter some difficulties when using Poke Transporter. This app allows you to share Pokémon from virtual console versions of Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Crystal to Pokémon Bank and from there to Pokémon Home or other compatible games. Poke transporter has some limitations and restrictions that prevent certain Pokémon from being transferred, such as an event, shiny, or hacked Pokémon.

But don’t worry; there are ways to get around these limitations and get your hacked Pokémon through Poke Transporter. In this article, we will show you how to do that using various methods, such as changing the title ID, using a third-party CIA, or using a homebrew app. We will also explain the risks and consequences of getting hacked Pokémon through Poke Transporter and how to avoid or fix common problems or errors.

What is Poke Transporter and How Does It Work

Poke Transporter is an app designed by Nintendo to help users transfer Pokémon from older games into the Pokémon Bank storage system. Once in the bank, you can move them to newer games. Here’s the thing: the app checks for authenticity to prevent the transport of hacked Pokémon. However, there are ways around this.

How to Change the Title ID of a Hacked Rom

Before attempting a transfer, it’s vital to modify the Title ID of a hacked ROM, making it appear as the original.

  1. Download a ROM editing tool.
  2. Load the hacked ROM and navigate to the title ID section.
  3. Change the title ID to match the original game (like Black or White).
  4. Save your changes.

Preparing and Process for the Transfer using Poke Transporter

Preparing and Process for the Transfer using Poke Transporter

Transferring Pokémon, especially when crossing game generations, requires foresight and understanding. The Poke Transporter is an essential bridge for these transfers, designed by Nintendo to streamline the process. However, there are imperative preparations and steps to consider for a hassle-free experience.

Preparation Phase:

1. Compatibility First: Begin by checking the compatibility of your devices or software. An incompatible system can lead to unforeseen errors, making this step a non-negotiable.

2. Secure Necessary Tools or Subscriptions: Ensure you have access, whether it’s a software tool, app, or subscription service. If a payment or renewal is required, complete it to avoid interruptions.

3. Organize for Ease: Organize your data, files, games, characters, or assets before initiating any transfer. Sorting beforehand can save time and minimize errors during the process.

Transfer Execution:

1. Initiate with Care: Start the software or tool designated for Transfer. For gamers, this might mean launching a specific app like the Poke Transporter.

2. Guided Steps: Most transfer tools provide on-screen instructions. Follow them meticulously. Each step is designed to facilitate a smooth transfer, so skipping or rushing can be counterproductive.

3. Confirm Transfer and Review: Always review the transferred data on the receiving end once the Transfer is complete. Check for completeness, and consult the support or troubleshooting guides in case of any discrepancies.

Bypassing Poké Transporter’s Filters

While the transporter has checks in place, it doesn’t catch everything. Use a Pokémon with attributes that don’t trigger the app’s alarms. For example, a level 100 Mewtwo with a wonder guard might raise eyebrows, but one with good stats might pass unnoticed.

How to Use a Homebrew App to Access Poke Transporter

Some people opt for a homebrew solution. A homebrew app can support ROMs, letting you access the transporter more freely.

  1. Download a trusted homebrew app.
  2. Install it on your Nintendo system.
  3. Launch the homebrew app and select Poke Transporter.

How to get hacked Pokemon through Poke Transporter

Open the Poké Transporter app, then move all of the Pokémon in the first Box to the transfer box at the Pokémon Bank. Transfer the Pokémon in the transfer box to the other Pokémon Bank boxes of your choice by going to the Pokémon Bank app right away.

How do you get hacked Pokémon?

Sword and Shield from Pokémon You can create hacked Pokémon on Twitch. Copy the Showdown set into the Twitch chat, type $trade, a space, and then send the message. Immediately after, enter a 4-digit trade code (make it challenging to guess) to set the trade code you’ll use with the bot by typing /w @AutoBrock.

How Hacked Pokémon are Created

Hacked Pokémon can come from modified game files, RNG manipulation, or software that tweaks Pokémon stats and abilities. Someone skilled can create a Pokémon with an adamant nature, speed boost, or even wonder guard.

Can you get banned for using a hacked Pokémon?

Yes. Nintendo frequently updates its checks. If caught, your subscription can be terminated, and access to online features is restricted.

Will the poke transporter still work?

Pokémon can be transferred from the Generation V core series games and the Generation I and II core series games’ Virtual Console editions to Pokémon Bank. It is presently accessible as a per-month charge for a Pokémon Bank subscription.

Technical Aspects of Hacked Pokémon

Pokémon games, since their inception, have attracted a vast community of players. A niche group dives deep into the game’s technicalities, sometimes bending the rules by hacking Pokémon. But what does this entail?

Hacking: The Basics Hacked Pokémon are often those that have been manipulated using third-party software to have perfect stats, moves they wouldn’t naturally learn, or appear shiny. The underlying game code is altered, and these Pokémon don’t originate from regular gameplay.

Why Hack? The allure of hacking arises for various reasons:

  • Bypassing the grind
  • Securing an advantage in battles
  • Obtaining Pokémon with perfect, competitive-ready attributes

Some players also hack to showcase unique Pokémon collections.

Risks Involved Introducing hacked Pokémon can pose risks. Game crashes, corrupted save files, and even bans in online battles or trading platforms are potential consequences. Game developers, like Nintendo, have implemented stringent checks to detect anomalies.

Spotting a Hacked Pokémon, There are tell-tale signs:

  1. Impossible Moves: A Pokémon possessing moves it can’t naturally learn.
  2. Perfect IVs: While not impossible, a Pokémon with excellent Individual Values in every stat can be suspicious.
  3. Origin Details: Locations or dates that don’t align with game releases or events.

Do I need to release my Pokémon hacked?

Nothing should go wrong if you don’t utilize it in multiplayer battles or flaunt it online. Keep a box of any hacked Pokemon you obtain, perhaps as a trophy case; only look, please. Just keep in mind that you should never participate in online activity with a Pokemon that is plainly hacked.

Can the Pokemon Home system identify hacked Pokemon?

Currently, the built-in hack checker in Bank and Home will miss 99% of Pokemon that have been compromised. In most cases, you won’t get banned for activating the hack check due to the mess of a Pokemon you created.

What are the Problems with Transferring Hacked Pokemon

Poke Transporter has some checks and restrictions that prevent some hacked or cloned Pokemon from being transferred. Some of these include:

  • The app only transfers Pokemon that are initially from the virtual console game. They will not be shared if you have hacked or cloned Pokemon from other games or regions.
  • The app only transfers Pokemon that have valid data and attributes. They will not be transferred if you have hacked or cloned Pokemon with illegal moves, abilities, stats, or origin.
  • The app only transfers one copy of each Pokemon. Only one will be assigned if you have multiple copies of the same Pokemon with the same ID and personality value.

If you try to transfer hacked or cloned Pokemon that do not meet these criteria, you will get an error message: “There is at least one Pokemon in the Box that cannot be sent. A problem has been detected with one of the Pokemon. Sorry. The problematic Pokemon cannot be sent.”

Can you use Pokémon that have been hacked online?

Can you use Pokémon that have been hacked online?

If the Pokémon can be obtained legitimately, having hacked Pokémon won’t significantly hinder your ability to battle online. Rare Garchomp can enhance gameplay. Getting it through normal gameplay won’t harm your experience. Learn more.

How to Use PKHeX to Edit Your Hacked Pokemon

PKHeX is a Pokemon save editor that can edit your Pokemon’s data, such as stats, moves, abilities, and origin. You can use PKHeX to modify your hacked Pokemon to make them look more legitimate and pass the Poke Transporter’s checks. To use PKHeX, you need access to a PC and a way to export and import your saved files from your 3DS. Here are the steps to use PKHeX:

  • Export your save files from your 3DS using a save manager, such as Checkpoint or JKSM.
  • Move your saved files to your PC and open them in PKHeX.
  • Open two windows of PKHeX, one for your virtual console game and one for your Gen 7 or Gen 8 game.
  • Drag and drop your hacked Pokemon from the virtual console window to the Gen 7 or Gen 8 window.
  • PKHeX will automatically edit the Pokemon’s data to make them compatible with Poke Transporter.
  • Save your changes and move your saved files back to your 3DS.
  • Use Poke Transporter to transfer your hacked Pokemon from the virtual console to the Gen 7 or 8 game.

How to Use Homebrew to Bypass the Poke Bank Subscription

Homebrew methods allow players to bypass the Poké Bank subscription. While tempting, these methods can lead to complications and should be used cautiously.

Alternative Methods to Obtain the Desired Pokémon

For those seeking alternative routes, in-game strategies, friend trades, and community events offer legitimate ways to obtain desired Pokémon.

Legal Perspectives and Game Policy

From a legal perspective, hacking violates Nintendo’s terms of service. It’s a black-and-white issue: respect the rules or face potential consequences.

Risks and Warnings

  1. Using hacked Pokémon may ruin the game experience.
  2. Always back up original game data.
  3. Be prepared for potential bans.

Tips and Tricks for Getting Hacked Pokemon Through Poke Transporter

The allure of hacked Pokémon, with their often superior stats and unique moves, has always captivated fans. While initially designed for legitimate transfers, the Poke Transporter can be leveraged for these particular Pokémon with some insights and strategies. Here are some essential tips and tricks to help you maneuver the process.

1. Stay Under the Radar: Ensure the hacked Pokémon’s stats aren’t beyond what’s achievable naturally. A Pokémon with impossible stats is a red flag and might get flagged by the system.

2. Natural Movesets: Hacked Pokémon should have moves they can naturally learn, either through leveling up, TMs, HMs, or breeding. Pokémon with impossible moves are easy targets for the app’s filters.

3. Maintain Authentic Metadata: Every Pokémon has metadata associated with it, like where it was caught, its level, or the date of capture. Keeping this metadata as authentic as possible reduces the chances of detection.

4. Regular Updates: Poke Transporter gets updated periodically by Nintendo. Keeping abreast of these updates is crucial as they might tweak the detection algorithms. Being in the loop helps you stay one step ahead.

5. Use Trusted Third-party Tools: Using external software to create or modify the hacked Pokémon, use reputable tools. Poorly designed tools can introduce inconsistencies, making detection easier.

6. Backup Regularly: Before initiating any transfers, back up your saved data; this ensures that you won’t lose your prized Pokémon even if something goes wrong.

7. Test with a Few Pokémon First: Instead of transferring all your hacked Pokémon at once, start with a small batch. This will help you gauge if they pass through without any hitches.


Transporting hacked Pokémon is a risky but rewarding endeavor. You can enjoy Pokémon with any desired traits with the proper knowledge and tools. Always remember, while bending the rules can be fun, there’s nothing like the satisfaction of capturing and training a Pokémon the original way.


Can you use hacked Pokémon in ranked?
Without knowledge, using a hacked Pokemon in a ranked battle could result in an unintentional ban.

Can I transfer hacked Pokémon through Pokebank?
No. Pokebank was created to prevent hacked Pokemon from earlier generations from entering Gen VI.

Which Pokémon should I transfer?
Maximize your Pokemon’s potential with stat-focused transfers. Keep the strongest and most attractive creatures for battle success.

Can a user be banned for transferring hacked Pokémon through Poké Transporter?
Yes, it’s against the game’s terms, and the user may face a ban.

What are the legitimate alternatives to obtaining specific Pokémon?
Legitimate alternatives include in-game strategies, friend trades, community events, and following the game’s intended progression.

What is the community’s stance on the use of hacked Pokémon?
Opinions vary; some see it as a fun way to experiment, while others consider it unfair and against the spirit of the games.

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