Pokemon UNITE Items Guide: Best Held Items & Battle Items

Welcome to the ultimate guide on Pokémon Unite items. Let’s embark on a journey through the Unite world as we unravel the mysteries behind these game-changing tools. The Pokemon Unite Items List contains every Held and Battle Item that you can use in-game with your Pokemon. In that, they will give your pokemon bonus attributes like Crit Chance, HP, and even Attack-held things that seem to function similarly to conventional items. Contrarily, summoner spells from other MOBA games (such as League of Legends or Mobile Legends) will function similarly to battle items, giving players an additional active ability to employ while playing.


When it comes to Pokémon Unite, items play a critical role. These handy tools can turn the tide of battle, giving you an edge over opponents. We’ll delve deep into the types of items, their utilities, and how to optimize their usage.

What are the Types of Items in Pokemon Unite

In the ever-evolving world of Pokémon Unite, items play an indispensable role. These aren’t just trivial tools; they’re essential elements that can shape the outcome of battles. Let’s break down the primary categories of items in this dynamic game.

Held Items

Held items are equipped before entering a match, offering passive boosts throughout the game. Examples include:

  • Muscle Band: Amplifies basic attack damage.
  • Wise Glasses: Boosts SP attack.
  • Focus Band: Provides healing when Pokémon’s HP drops low.

Each Pokémon can hold up to three items, creating a strategic mix to complement their battle roles.

Battle Items

Battle items, on the other hand, provide active effects with short cooldowns. They’re the “in-the-moment” tools you can use once per battle, offering a tactical edge in tight situations. Here are a couple:

  • Eject Button: Enables rapid movement in a designated direction, aiding dodges or facilitating escapes.
  • Energy Amplifier: Ups the damage of your next Unite Move shortly after activation.

Held Items


Battle Items: Quick Effects for the Field

In Pokémon Unite, Battle Items are game-changers, delivering instant effects pivotal for real-time strategy. Unlike Held Items which offer passive benefits, Battle Items, such as the Eject Button or Potion, grant immediate advantages from swift escapes to quick healing. These tools, with their short cooldowns, enable players to adapt dynamically in matches, responding to evolving combat situations. Their timely usage can mean the difference between a triumphant victory or a swift defeat. As players navigate the battlefield, integrating these items becomes crucial for seizing the moment and outsmarting opponents. Dive in, equip wisely, and experience game-altering moments!

Held Items: The Long-Term Advantage

Within Pokémon Unite, Held Items provide enduring benefits that shape gameplay. Unlike the instantaneity of Battle Items, Held Items like the Muscle Band or Wise Glasses offer passive boosts to stats or abilities, progressively enhancing a Pokémon’s performance throughout a match. Their continuous effects, from bolstering attack damage to improving HP recovery, underpin strategic depth and match longevity. As players progress, optimizing the choice and combination of these items becomes instrumental in achieving consistent gameplay superiority. In essence, Held Items are the unsung heroes, quietly amplifying a Pokémon’s prowess from the shadows. Choose wisely, and reap the lasting rewards!

Eject Button: An Item Breakdown

The Eject Button in Pokémon Unite is a tactical marvel, allowing players a rapid short-distance dash, ideal for dodging attacks or initiating surprise maneuvers. Unlike many items that provide passive stats, the Eject Button’s allure lies in its immediate utility, granting split-second adaptability. Whether evading a game-ending move or chasing down a weakened opponent, its strategic integration is unparalleled. With a relatively quick cooldown, players can use it multiple times during a match, maximizing opportunities. In a game of strategy and reflexes, the Eject Button emerges as an indispensable tool for players seeking that extra edge.

Role-Specific Item Recommendations

In the multifaceted battlegrounds of Pokémon Unite, each Pokémon has a unique role. Tailoring your item loadout to that role is paramount. Here’s a quick guide to role-specific item recommendations.

Attackers: Deal the Damage

For Pokémon tasked with dishing out damage, offensive items are key:

  • Muscle Band: Enhances basic attack damage, ensuring every strike is potent.
  • Wise Glasses: Boosts special attack power, a must-have for SP attackers.
  • Scope Lens: Increases critical-hit damage, perfect for landing devastating blows.

Defenders: Hold the Line

Defensive Pokémon require items that bolster their sturdiness:

  • Rocky Helmet: Deters opponents by dealing counter damage when the holder is hit.
  • Focus Band: Offers periodic HP recovery during tight situations, a lifeline for tanks.
  • Assault Vest: Increases shield, providing an additional layer of protection.

All-Rounders: Versatility at its Best

For Pokémon that balance offense and defense:

  • Shell Bell: Grants a healing effect after landing abilities, maintaining the fighter’s presence.
  • Score Shield: Facilitates uninterrupted scoring while under enemy pressure.
  • Float Stone: Boosts movement speed, ensuring all-rounders can engage and retreat efficiently.

Supporters: The Unsung Heroes

Support Pokémon benefit from items that enhance their utility:

  • Buddy Barrier: Grants a protective shield to the user and a nearby ally during Unite Moves.
  • Leftovers: Provides consistent HP recovery over time, sustaining in prolonged fights.
  • Experience Share: Accelerates EXP gain, ensuring supporters remain relevant throughout.

Speedsters: Swift and Deadly

For the rapid Pokémon that dart in and out:

  • Eject Button: Offers that vital dash for both offense and defense.
  • Energy Amplifier: Amplifies Unite Move, letting speedsters make impactful plays.
  • Float Stone: Enhances speed, an essential for hit-and-run tactics.

Battle Items

Which Pokémon Unite held items are the best?

Even if there aren’t many held things currently, there are certainly plenty to rank. While some of these artifacts are actual game-changers that can alter the course of combat, others are essentially meaningless. The bottom of the barrel isn’t useful at all; rather than preventing your death, they might even contribute to it because they don’t provide any life-saving advantages.


S – Rocky helmet, muscle band, float stone
A – Buddy barrier, scope lens, focus band, assault vest, wise glases
B – Attack weight, aeos cookie, leftovers, score shield
C  – Sp attack specs, exp share, energy amplifier

What are the Pokémon Unite battle items?

Trainers in Pokémon Unite can only use one fighting item, so it’s critical to choose wisely to increase your chances of surviving, if only for a short while. There aren’t many options right now, but the ones that are available have advantages that will help, depending on your Pokémon and build of choice.

  • X-attack  : As implied by the item’s name, it briefly raises your attack and special attack stats.
  • Eject Bustton  : enables teleportation to another area of the map.
  • X-speed : This item temporarily increases your movement speed.
  • Fluffy tail : increases your ability to deal damage to wild Pokémon while preventing them from attacking you.
  • Potion : Potions are a common concept among Pokémon aficionados. They restore a specific quantity of health.
  • Full heal : eliminates all state affects, such sleep, and temporarily renders you immune.
  • White Smoke : The movement speed of all adversary Pokémon caught in the white smoke is reduced.
  • Goal accelerator : The item’s name speaks for itself. Goal accelerator temporarily quickens the rate at which you score goals.

What are the Pokémon Unite battle items?

Which Pokémon Unite battle irems is the best?

You are not overly spoiled for choice when it comes to fight items because there are only eight available. Some, though, are unquestionably superior than others. You are only allowed to equip one item, so think carefully about your game plan. Are you going to be combative or defensive? Choose a side and the appropriate battle item.


S  – Eject button, fluffy tail
A  – Potion, x-speed
B  – White smoke, x-attack, goal accelerator
C  – Full heal

Pokemon unite items significantly increase the potential of each individual Pokemon. A slow Pokemon can be made speedy with the correct goods, and a squishy Pokemon can be made tanky.  Every potential play style and counter selection has a corresponding item. You can find goods that significantly boost a single stat or others that provide a variety of modest advantages. Even objects in Pokemon Unite boost your stats as you earn points, allowing you some incredibly creative feast-or-famine builds.

How to Obtain and Upgrade Battle Items

You earn items as you play and level up your trainer level in Pokémon Unite. To upgrade, spend Aeos coins or tickets, enhancing the item’s effects. Merely possessing Battle Items isn’t enough. Their base versions offer limited advantages. To truly tap into their power, upgrades are essential.

Enter Item Enhancers. These handy tools are the cornerstone of item upgrades. By spending them, you elevate an item’s level, amplifying its effects. The higher the item’s level, the more pronounced its benefits in battles.

Item Enhancers can be accrued in several ways:

  • Achieving specific trainer milestones.
  • Earning them as match rewards.
  • Purchasing from the in-game shop.

The Upgrade Strategy:

While it’s tempting to upgrade every item, a strategic approach works best. Focus on the Battle Items that align with your favorite Pokémon’s strengths or compensate for their weaknesses. Prioritize those that enhance your gameplay and gradually level them up.

The Future of Pokémon Unite Items

With Nintendo continually updating the game, anticipate new items and revamped old favorites. Keep an eye out during holiday festivities for special events!

Expert Tips for Utilizing Items

  • Adaptability: Different matches demand varied item sets. Be versatile!
  • Upgrade: Enhance items frequently for improved effects.
  • Team Coordination: Share item strategies with teammates for optimal gameplay.

Common Misconceptions about Items

  • More Expensive = Better: Only sometimes! Some basic items can work wonders.
  • One-Size-Fits-All: No single item set works for all Pokémon. Tailor your choices!


Items in Pokémon Unite can make or break a game. They’re not just add-ons; they’re pivotal for success. Remember, the best trainers know their items as well as their Pokémon. Pokemon Unite is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that features various Pokemon characters and their unique abilities. In this game, you can choose and customize your Pokemon with different items that can enhance their stats, skills, or effects. However, choosing and using the right items can be tricky and confusing, especially for beginners.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)   

Are items in Pokemon Unite everlasting?
Players can acquire a maximum of three Held Items, each of which gives Pokémon a permanent boost in a certain area, after playing UNITE for a period.

How many  item booster are needed to level up to level 30?
However, since the costs rise with each level, upgrading an item to level 30 requires spending 2587 Item Enhancers.

What is the max item level for Unite?
In Pokémon Unite, held items can be leveled up to Grade 30.

How long does a Pokemon Unite game take?
Pokemon Unite’s normal games last 10 minutes each. Unite matches are intended to be quick and to the point, unlike other MOBA games. If you pay close attention, the game’s architecture actually fosters last-second comebacks. There are additional five-minute rapid match games available.

How addicting is Pokemon Unite?
Pokemon Unite has frantic and surprisingly engaging gameplay. Although macro play is less prevalent, it can still be beneficial to know when to switch lanes to apply pressure to the opposing team.

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