pokemon unite items : Held Items & Battle Items list

Pokemon Unite Items – Held and Battle 

The Pokemon Unite Items List contains every Held and Battle Item that you can use in-game with your Pokemon. In that, they will give your pokemon bonus attributes like Crit Chance, HP, and even Attack-held things that seem to function similarly to conventional items. Contrarily, summoner spells from other MOBA games (such as League of Legends or Mobile Legends) will function similarly to battle items, giving players an additional active ability to employ while playing.

Held Items

Trainers in Pokémon Unite can give up to three held items—each of which increases a different stat—to their friends. Some deals focus heavily on offense, upping your attack, while others provide a defensive advantage, like extra HP. Obviously, regardless of whether a match is ranked or not, these are essential, therefore picking the greatest equipment for your position is essential. Check out each of our guides for a specific Pokémon because they each have their own special item suggestions.

Held Items

Battle Items

Trainers in Pokémon Unite are only allowed to use one fighting item, so it’s critical to choose wisely to increase your chances of surviving, if only for a short while. There aren’t many options at the moment, but they each have unique advantages that will help, depending on your Pokémon and build of choice.

  • Assault vest : Attacker’s vest boosts health and special defense while offering a unique attack shield outside of combat.
  • Attack weight : This item provides a small offensive boost that grows after a goal is scored.
  • Aeos cookie : When you score a goal, the Aeos cookie increases your maximum health by a small amount.
  • Buddy barrier  : You and the ally with the lowest health receive a defense shield whenever you use a Unite move.
  • Energy amplifier : Both the recharge time and damage of your Unite move receive a minor boost from the energy amplifier.
  • EXP share : This item increases your health and movement speed while also providing a small amount of passive experience.
  • Leftovers : This item raises your overall HP and enables health regeneration outside of the fight.
  • Focus band : The focus band not only strengthens your defenses but also allows you to regain some HP.
  • Muscle band : The muscular band is intended for offensive playstyles because it boosts attack speed and damage while also providing bonus attack damage.
  • Sp attack specs : The sp attack specs increase your special attack damage as their name implies.
  • Wise glasses : In addition to increasing attack damage, the wise glasses also boost how often you can use them.
  • Rocky helmet : The rocky helmet improves defense and health, and it also deflects harm.
  • Float stone : This item quickens your movement and attack.
  • Shell bell : boosts special strike and moves cooldown while enabling healing
  • Scope lens : You do more damage and critical hits thanks to the telescopic lens.
  • Score Shield : When a goal is scored, the score shield protects you and somewhat improves your health and attention.

Battle Items

Which Pokémon Unite held items are the best?

Even if there aren’t many held things currently, there are certainly plenty to rank. While some of these artifacts are actual game-changers that can alter the course of combat, others are essentially meaningless. The bottom of the barrel isn’t useful at all; rather than preventing your death, they might even contribute to it because they don’t provide any life-saving advantages.


S – Rocky helmet, muscle band, float stone

A – Buddy barrier, scope lens, focus band, assault vest, wise glases

B – Attack weight, aeos cookie, leftovers, score shield

C  – Sp attack specs, exp share, energy amplifier

What are the Pokémon Unite battle items?

Trainers in Pokémon Unite can only use one fighting item, so it’s critical to choose wisely to increase your chances of surviving, if only for a short while. There aren’t many options right now, but the ones that are available have advantages that will help, depending on your Pokémon and build of choice.

  • X-attack  : As implied by the item’s name, it briefly raises your attack and special attack stats.
  • Eject Bustton  : enables teleportation to another area of the map.
  • X-speed : This item temporarily increases your movement speed.
  • Fluffy tail : increases your ability to deal damage to wild Pokémon while preventing them from attacking you.
  • Potion : Potions are a common concept among Pokémon aficionados. They restore a specific quantity of health.
  • Full heal : eliminates all state affects, such sleep, and temporarily renders you immune.
  • White Smoke : The movement speed of all adversary Pokémon caught in the white smoke is reduced.
  • Goal accelerator : The item’s name speaks for itself. Goal accelerator temporarily quickens the rate at which you score goals.

What are the Pokémon Unite battle items?

Which Pokémon Unite battle irems is the best?

You are not overly spoiled for choice when it comes to fight items because there are only eight available. Some, though, are unquestionably superior than others. You are only allowed to equip one item, so think carefully about your game plan. Are you going to be combative or defensive? Choose a side and the appropriate battle item.


S  – Eject button, fluffy tail

A  – Potion, x-speed

B  – White smoke, x-attack, goal accelerator

C  – Full heal

Pokemon unite items significantly increase the potential of each individual Pokemon. A slow Pokemon can be made speedy with the correct goods, and a squishy Pokemon can be made tanky.  Every potential play style and counter selection has a corresponding item. You can find goods that significantly boost a single stat or others that provide a variety of modest advantages. Even objects in Pokemon Unite boost your stats as you earn points, allowing you some incredibly creative feast-or-famine builds.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)   

Are items in Pokemon Unite everlasting?

Players can acquire a maximum of three Held Items, each of which gives Pokémon a permanent boost in a certain area, after playing UNITE for a period.

How many  item booster are needed to level up to level 30?

However, since the costs rise with each level, upgrading an item to level 30 requires spending 2587 Item Enhancers.

What is the max item level for Unite?

In Pokémon Unite, held items can be leveled up to Grade 30.

How long does a Pokemon Unite game take?

Pokemon Unite’s normal games last 10 minutes each. Unite matches are intended to be quick and to the point, unlike other MOBA games. If you pay close attention, the game’s architecture actually fosters last-second comebacks. There are additional five-minute rapid match games available.

How addicting is Pokemon Unite?

Pokemon Unite has frantic and surprisingly engaging gameplay. Although macro play is less prevalent, it can still be beneficial to know when to switch lanes to apply pressure to the opposing team.

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